10 Marvel Headcanons That May As Well Be Real


With a fan base as large as Marvel‘s it’s fun to see how fans come up with their own theories about their favorite characters. Some ideas make total sense, while others are completely off the wall and have no real standing in the canon. Interestingly, many fans agree on the strangest ideas.

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Whether it’s through random posts on Tumblr or full works of fanfiction, many people have accepted certain headcanons as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon, regardless of its authenticity or confirmation in MCU projects or not. While there’s no real evidence to prove any of these, every theory speaks volumes of the fandom and truly shows Marvel fans’ dedication, creativity, and attention to detail.

10/10 Natasha Romanoff Is Fantastic At Dodgeball

There is, quite literally, no evidence to prove that Natasha Romaoff likes dodgeball in the movies. The only thing fans had to go on was the fact that Natasha has high stamina and dexterity. Somehow, they came to the conclusion that this plays well into Avengers game nights.

Given her training as a spy, she has an uncanny ability to read body language and see what people are about to do, so it makes sense that she would excel at certain sports. It also plays into her character as loving to have fun and still being pretty easygoing, even with her chaotic and dangerous lifestyle. Sometimes, a game of dodgeball may be just what Black Widow needs to unwind.

9/10 Clint Barton Moves Around Avengers Tower Via The Air Vents

No one really knows where this Hawkeye theory originated, it just showed up in the fandom one day and everyone ran with it. With 633 matches of “Clint Barton in the Ceiling Vents,” on Archive of Our Own, it has become a widely accepted theory that people genuinely love.

This theory probably finds a bit of its traction in the first Avengers film. When Nick Fury questioned why he was up in the rafters, he informed Barton that he was supposed to be keeping “a close eye on things.” Barton’s response, “Well, I see better from a distance,” is probably where many fans hold their grounding in this idea. It’s fun, odd, and as quirky as the carnie-turned-archer, so it makes sense that this is the fan theory that stuck across the fandom.

8/10 Thor Loves Pop-Tarts

This headcanon probably stemmed from Thor when Darcy asked, “How can you eat an entire box of pop-tarts and still be this hungry?” This was the only reference though, and fans ran with it. For some reason, everyone seems to agree that Thor really loves pop-tarts.

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Maybe fans are drawn to it because Thor would have been a young adult when the first movie hit theaters, Hemsworth himself was in his 20s when it released. Perhaps, it’s the idea that it’s what Jane Foster had on hand and was his first meal on Midgard. Whatever the reason, it has become a signature to his character among fans.

7/10 Peter Parker And Shuri Are Best Friends

Peter Parker and Shuri never actually meet in the films, but since they are both children of the internet, many believe the two would get along great. With Shuri quoting Vines mixed with Peter’s pop culture references, there’s a lot to run with in this theory.

Some say they met some time after Civil War or in the Soul Stone after being snapped, and carried their friendship back into reality when they were blipped back. With two characters as fun-loving and innocent as Spider-Man and Shuri, it’s easy to see how they would be great friends, and almost strange to think that they’ve never met in the official canon.

6/10 Steve Rogers Uses Way Too Many Emojis

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers receives a text saying “MISSION ALERT. EXTRACTION IMMINENT. MEET AT THE CURB. :)”. While fans could have taken this to mean that Natasha uses too many emojis, a lot of people figured that they aren’t really her speed. Fans collectively decided that someone tried telling Rogers to use them for everything. Now, Romanoff uses emojis as well because no one would dare to poke fun at Black Widow.

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Maybe Captain America caught on, or maybe he didn’t. This theory is as much about Romanoff standing up for her friend that is new to the 21st century as it is about Captain America learning to text. While it’s adorable to think of the First Avenger using emoticons, it’s just as endearing to think of Romanoff using emojis to prove it’s okay.

5/10 Mjolnir Is Sentient And Finds Darcy Adorable

There was never much proof of its sentience until Thor: Love and Thunder when it is revealed that Thor asked the hammer to always take care of Jane. When Jane was diagnosed with cancer, she traveled to New Asgard and found Mjolnir which transformed her into The Mighty Thor and offered a bit of healing and extended her life.

While this theory has been around since the first Thor movie, it never had much grounding until Thor: Love and Thunder. Given that Darcy can’t say the hammer’s name, or maybe just chooses not to through the entirety of the series, she calls the hammer “Mew Mew.” Many believe that since it’s sentient, it finds the nickname adorable and sees Darcy as endearing for her quirks.

4/10 Carol Danvers Loves Karaoke

In a flashback during Captain Marvel, Danvers is shown singing karaoke with Maria Rambeau. While it’s brief, it is enough to send fans down a rabbit hole of wondering what songs she would sing and who of the Avengers she would take.

Fans will look for any development they can find to add depth to their favorite characters and with this on-screen acknowledgment, it grounded her character and made Carol Danvers feel a bit more real. Before she was Captain Marvel, Carol was simply a person who liked to fly have fun with her friends.

3/10 Peter Parker Refers to Thor as “Mr. Thor”

Given Peter’s tendency to lean towards the more formal side of things by calling Tony “Mr. Stark,” it’s easy to see where fans get this idea. When he asks for the sorcerer’s name in Infinity War, Strange responds with “Doctor Strange” as his professional name, however Peter misunderstands and thinks they are using strictly hero names and reintroduces himself as Spider-man.

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Nearly everyone loves Spider-Man, from his pop culture references to his excessive formality, his character is dynamic and hilarious. And should he ever meet Thor, he probably would call the god “Mr. Thor” simply because Aunt May raised him to be respectful.

2/10 Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanoff Pretend To Talk Smack About The Others In Russian

Since Romanoff was born Russian and Barnes was held in Soviet Russia for 20 years as the Winter Soldier, both are fluent in the Russian language. When someone speaks a familiar language, it’s easy to code-switch and swap between languages.

This idea more than likely originated with a Tumblr post about Barnes asking Romanoff about sriracha in Russian, while side-eyeing Sam Wilson. They established it was fun to make the other Avengers think they were talking smack about them so kept it up throughout their friendship. While this is never confirmed, it’s a hilarious headcanon held throughout the fandom.

1/10 The Avengers Don’t Realize Clint Barton Is Deaf

According to the Matt Fraction Hawkeye comics, Clint Barton is indeed deaf and wears hearing aids. Fans were actually angry when he was shown in the Avengers movie without his hearing aids. That being said, many fans ignored that he didn’t have them in the films and created headcanons where he did.

In many of these theories, most of the Avengers don’t realize he’s deaf, with Natasha Romanoff being the exception. The way the rest of the Avengers find out varies from theory to theory, but their becoming more conscious and aware is always a constant.

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