[Look] Hideo Kojima Shares Mini Non-Funko Pop! Mini Figurine: Here’s Where to Get It

Hideo Kojima has had a long-standing career with multiple popular titles, including “Death Stranding” and even the “Metal Gear Solid” franchise. In a world so obsessed with Funko Pop!s, though, the game creator decided to share another type of figurine.

No Funko Pop! Model for Hideo Kojima Found

It’s no surprise that there would be toys of one of the best game creators in the industry but what’s quite surprising is that he shared not a Funko Pop!, but another type of toy. This, however, makes sense since there are still no Hideo Kojima Funko Pop!s in existence.

Since Funko Pop!s are usually made for fictional movies or game characters. It’s still not surprising that no Pop would be made after Kojima. When searching the creator’s name on the official Funko website, ” no results were found.”

Kojima Shares Cutie1 Figurine on His Twitter Feed

Kojima decided to share a picture on Twitter showing a mini figurine of himself with the caption, “since I’ve been playing air-editing in my mind in a few days, it is time to output.” While the merch that he shared on his feed was not spotted on the official Kojima Productions store, it was still found elsewhere on the internet.

Since I’ve been playing air-editing in my mind in a few days, it is time to output. pic.twitter.com/WOEhGY3eDd


 Model Will Not Ship Out Just Yet and Is Estimated to Arrive in the 2nd Quarter of 2023

The mini figurine of Hideo Kojima can be spotted on the Big Bad Toy Store, selling for $59.99 for pre-orders. The sad part about the figurine is that fans won’t be able to get their hands on it just yet since its estimation to arrive is still during the 2nd quarter of 2023.

As per its description, Hideo Kojima will join the Cutie1 line-up with a design “to resemble a plush stuffed toy with textured details.” The text noted that the compact size of the figure makes them easy to collect.

What Fans can Expect from the Model

The model is also expected to come with magnetic soles to provide more security and prevent them from falling off surfaces and potentially damaging. The figure is reportedly a special project to help commemorate the 10th anniversary of Prime 1 Studio.

The figurine shows Kojima in a signature black shirt, dark pants, and eyeglasses. However, what makes the figurine more interesting is that aside from his beard, Kojima will also have a zippered mouth, which adds to the uniqueness of the Cutie1 model.

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What is Hideo Kojima Working on?

In an article by Polygon on June 12, Kojima is reportedly working on a brand new game for the Xbox. Details regarding the game, however, remain a mystery.

The creator said that the game was something he really wanted to make and that no one had ever seen before. He shares that he has been long waiting for the opportunity for him to start creating the game.

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