People Laud Akshay Kumar For Admitting His Fault & Not Blaming Audience For Box Office Failure

People are applauding Akshay Kumar for admitting his own fault and not blaming the audience or the boycott trend for the failure of his films at the box office. Akshay Kumar’s recently released movie Raksha Bandhan has also become a victim of the boycott culture. He is now busy promoting his next film titled Cuttputlli.

Akshay Kumar admits his fault as bollywood films fail at box office.

Akshay Kumar admits his fault

This happened at the trailer launch of his next movie Cuttputlli. Akshay Kumar was asked by a reporter about the box office failure of several Hindi films and if this was the time to make way for films to release directly on OTT platforms

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He said it’s time to introspect

Answering the same, Akshay Kumar was quick to say, “No, see, Films are not working, it is our fault, my fault. I have to make the changes. I have to understand what the audience wants. I want to do some changes. I want to dismantle the way I think and the kinds of films I should do. There is nobody else to be blamed for it but me.”

Akshay Kumar at the trailer launch of cuttputlli talks about bollywood films failing at box office

When asked about OTT released, he said, “It is not safe, that also requires people to say if they like the trailer or not. Nothing is safe, it is not our safety net. Even here (on OTT) people are watching, the media is watching it, the critics are watching it, the audience is watching it, they give feedback whether they like it or not. So, there’s nothing like creating a safe space, you have to work hard, period.”

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Fans are applauding him!

A fan said, “This has been the most humble things a celebrity told for their flops.”

Another one commented, “Finally someone taking the blame and not just pushing it on audience, boycott or whoever their fav boogeyman is”.

“Akshay has rediscovered himself so many times, if there is someone who can get people back quickly to theatres it’s him,” read a comment.

Another fan said, “At some level you have to admire the dedication and focus he has for making money. He doesn’t care about reddit comments or Twitter trends. He will try to reinvent and sell what the audience wants.”

Another Reddit user said, “For once, i am happy someone is not putting the blame on the audience.”

People Laud Akshay Kumar For Admitting His Fault & Not Blaming Audience For Box Office Failure

Talking about his back-to-back releases, Akshay said that many of these films were made during the lockdown and couldn’t be released. “During the pandemic, many films were made, while some released, many couldn’t be released because theatres were shut, and there were many issues during the lockdown. Hum kaam karte rahein, filmein jamaa hoti rahi. I have four films ready which we couldn’t release in the last two years, if there was no pandemic this wouldn’t be the scenario, there would be at least two to four months gap between my films.”

People Laud Akshay Kumar For Admitting His Fault & Not Blaming Audience For Box Office Failure

Akshay Kumar’s next movie Cuttputlli is releasing directly on Disney+ Hotstar on Sep 2. 

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