The Sopranos Finally Get Their Own Funko Pops Including Tony, Paulie and Silvio

The Sopranos is still one of HBO’s most-loved dramas ever, and over a decade after the series ended, the characters are finally being immortalized as Funko Pops. The Sopranos has been thrown back into the spotlight recently by the prequel movie, The Many Saints of Newark, and people discovering the series for the first time during lockdown, so it is not surprising that the ever-expanding world of Funko Pops has been looking at the series for its latest additions.

The Sopranos centered on Tony Soprano, a mobster played by James Gandolfini who struggled to balance his family life with being the head of a criminal organization. While Tony shared his issues with his psychiatrist, the pressures were sometimes too much for him, leading to dramas on all fronts.


Now fans of the series can own their very own Funko version of Tony, along with other major characters from the show; Tony’s wife Carmela, his protégé Christopher Moltisanti and the ever-popular Silvio Dante. All of these items become available on December 27 from all retailers, with additional figures of Paulie Gualtieri in a tracksuit and Tony Soprano with a duck will be available as Funko website and Amazon exclusives, respectively. Of course, Tony Sirico, who played Paulie in the series, passed away last month, making his addition to the range something of a tribute.

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The Sopranos Ending Continues to Irk Fans

Although the series ended in 2007 after six seasons, the show’s finale is still talked about and ironically imitated, but not necessarily for the best reasons. After following the lives of the Sopranos for several years, fans were devastated when the final moments of the series saw Tony’s life being potentially under threat as he sat eating in a diner before the screen cut to black, leaving everyone without any idea of what actually happened.

Despite being listed as one of the most annoying endings to a series ever, fans have never stopped showing love for the series, and its creator acknowledged the impact of the ending during an interview last year. He said:

“I had no idea it would cause that much – I mean, I forget what was going on in Iraq or someplace; London had been bombed! Nobody was talking about that; they were talking about The Sopranos. It was kind of incredible to me. But I had no idea it would be that much of an uproar. And was it annoying? What was annoying was how many people wanted to see Tony killed. That bothered me. They wanted to know that Tony was killed. They wanted to see him go face-down in linguini, you know? And I just thought, “God, you watched this guy for seven years and I know he’s a criminal. But don’t tell me you don’t love him in some way, don’t tell me you’re not on his side in some way. And now you want to see him killed? You want justice done? You’re a criminal after watching this shit for seven years.” That bothered me, yeah.”

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