Post Brahmastra’s box office success, Ayan Mukerji to make separate films on Jalastra, Vanarastra; Report

Brahmastra Part One: Shiva has been has had a successful run at the box office. The Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt starrer released theatrically on the 9th of September, and it has already made Rs 300 crore worldwide. This has given makers the confidence to expand their universe of Astras. Speaking of which, as per the latest report on a news portal, keeping in mind the film’s success, director Ayan Mukerji has decided to make separate movies on astras like Jalastra and Vanarastra spreading across different timelines.

Brahmastra director Ayan Mukerji to make separate films on different astras

As per a report in IndiaToday.com, Ayan Mukerji is ready to build on the Brahmastra universe or Astraverse with the origin stories of different astras. A source close to the development reportedly told the news portal, “A lot was riding on the box office success of Brahmastra. If the film emerged as a box office success, then the makers planned to further explore this desi super hero universe. Brahmastra has clocked over Rs 300 crore worldwide at the ticket window and these numbers have given the makers the confidence to take the story line ahead and explore various astras and their origins.”

Moreover, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt will also be a part of the follow-up Brahmastra movies.

Recently, Ayan revealed that the makers are already thinking of a spin-off featuring Shah Rukh Khan’s character Vanarastra. Talking to the Indian Express, Ayan shared that not only Shah Rukh Khan’s fans but the makers have also been thinking about a spin-off for his character. In fact, the idea was first floated while they were filming for the sequence. Ayan teased that the spin-off might tell the origin story of the scientist. The actor’s role in Brahmastra has led to several fan theories including his return in the sequel. The fans have requested the director to mount a spin-off of Brahmastra’s Mohan Bhargav.

Asked about fans’ demands for a spin-off, which includes an online petition, Ayan said, “Before the fans were saying it, we were also saying that ourselves. When we were shooting the sequence in 2019, we were also saying on sets. As we discovered the personality of the scientist, we said, “Yaar, we have to do stuff. We have to do the origins story of the scientist!’”

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