Box Office: Brahmastra creates a new record; Sells over 6 lakh tickets on Day 15

Ayan Mukerji’s Brahmastra, led by Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, is doing very well at the box office. The film became only the second Hindi origin film this year to breach the mammoth Rs. 200 cr nett figure, the first being The Kashmir Files. The film still has a lot of steam left as far as box office is concerned and it will breach its highest single-day footfalls on the 15th day of its run, courtesy- of the subsidized ticket rates on account of National Cinema Day. The biggest multiplex chains in India will be observing National Cinema Day by pricing movie tickets merely at Rs. 75 for the day.

Brahmastra has sold more than 6 lakh tickets, cumulatively, from IIndia’s multiplex chains, for day 15, in advance. As mentioned above, the subsidized rates of Rs. 75 have helped a lot as far as footfalls are concerned, since it has gone on to record higher advances than it did on its opening day or the second and third day, each of which added over Rs. 35 cr nett. Shows of Brahmastra have been scheduled, starting from 12:15 am, to make the most of the theatrical buzz that Brahmastra has generated after this offer. The show count will be less than the first week, which means the collections of the film are more or less locked before the day starts.

The film won’t get the benefit of the on-the-day current since it is practically full everywhere, with little or no room for growth. The exhibitors are already accommodating as many shows as they can, but there will come a point where they no longer will be able to add more shows. Regardless, it is assumed that India will observe the highest footfalls on a single day in multiplexes, that is, it will record the most number of people visiting multiplexes on a single day in India. The reaction has been overwhelming and the Multiplex Association of India have acknowledged the same. The pre-bookings of Brahmastra, or any other film showing in theatres, should be a clear indication that the audience is willing to go to theatres at affordable ticket rates. The advance sales for Saturday and Sunday are excruciatingly low since most of the weekend crowd has opted to watch the movie on Friday. This ticketing weekend might change the box office dynamics for the Indian theatrical sector, forever.

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