Valentine Is Still the Most Exciting Kingsman


The Kingsman franchise encompassed three distinct movies, all showcasing unique antagonists. Based on the Kingsman comic book series, created by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons, the spy action comedy primarily surrounded a British Secret Service organization. And like all good spy movies, the Kingsman movies had to present their audiences with exciting antagonists. Richmond Valentine, Poppy Adams and The Shepherd made for unique villains, even taking away the spotlight from the Kingsman protagonists.


All Kingsman villains displayed their own personal style and their respective ideologies. The King’s Man even included some intriguing villains, such as Rasputin and The Shepherd. Nonetheless, Samuel L. Jackson’s portrayal of Richmond Valentine made for the most exciting Kingsman villain.

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Richmond Valentine Characterizes What Kingsman Is All About

Richmond Valentine talking to Harry in Kingsman: The Secret Service

Casting Jackson proved the right move, as Valentine’s unique aesthetic and evil machinations in Kingsman provided a good amount of laughter. Kingsman, when at its best, combined the action-pack elements of spy movies while simultaneously tapping into the genre of comedy. And Valentine’s seamless fusion of suave style and a compelling narrative, coupled with the addition of a riveting henchman, created a spy movie experience that blended both elements into a single, captivating package. In truth, Valentine struck the ideal balance that made Kingsman what it is today.

More precisely, Valentine presented a more sympathetic representation of a spy movie villain as his character set out to solve contemporary issues. He aimed to rid the earth of overpopulation, which he considered a danger to the environment. Of course, Valentine wouldn’t be a villain if he didn’t decide to save himself and target VIP personalities. Treating his allies with respect, even considering them his close friends, made for an additional fresh perspective. And in the end, Valentine’s scheme aims for humanity’s well-being, and his bitter-sweet demise in Kingsman: The Secret Service made him stand out from the traditional movie antagonists.

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How Valentine Compares to Kingsman’s Other Villains

Collage of Kingsman antagonists Richmond Valentine, Poppy Adams and The Shepherd

Valentine’s position as the most exciting villain was rivaled by his successor in the following Kingsman movies. Kingsman: The Golden Circle and The King’s Man featured fan-favorite characters that were distinct, but they had similar issues with going after their own selfish goals. What made Valentine special was his aversion toward the death of innocent people. Poppy occasionally turned her followers into hamburger meat, while The Shepherd had no problem plunging the world into World War I.

Valentine’s genius and charismatic nature were unrivaled by his successors. With the filming of Kingsman 4 set to start in 2023, the Kingsman franchise will hopefully find inspiration in their first movie villain. If not, self-made millionaire and fashion icon Richmond Valentine might just keep his title as the most exciting Kingsman villain.

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