Olivia Colman, Samuel L Jackson join forces on


Olivia Colman, Samuel L Jackson join forces on Marvel’s Secret Invasion

Oscar-winning actors Samuel L Jackson and Olivia Colman have joined forces for Marvel’s coveted series Secret Invasion.

Colman won the best actress Oscar for the The Favourite in 2019 while Jackson was honoured with honorary Academy Award last year (2022).

At Sky News’ Backstage podcast, Colman in a conversation with Jackson said, “When I first met you, I might have curtsied you.”

Jackson replied, “You didn’t, so stop it. We just laughed after looking at each other because we know it is going to be so much fun.”

Jackson continued saying that when two admirers of each other meet and share space with other, they immediately know that whether it’s going to be fun or going to be a chore.

Marvel’s series Secret Invasion also starred Emilia Clarke, Don Cheadle and Martin Freeman. Jackson turned out to be a big fan of Freeman.

Nick first appeared in post-credits scene playing Nick Fury in 2018 in Marvel franchise. Colman is new at Marvel; however, she admitted her eagerness of joining cinematic world.

While expressing her gratitude for being a part of Marvel, Colman said, “after the release of every Marvel movie, I phoned my agent telling him my desire to be in a Marvel.”

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