This New ‘Armored Core 4’ Toy From Kotobukiya Is


While Armored Core 4 was originally released back in 2006, now that we have a new Armored Core game on the way, Kotobukiya has rolled out an impressive new toy from the game.

I already wrote up this new Decoction Models figure a while back, and while it the toyline has “model” in its name this is definitely a very big and high-end toy.

That means it’s entirely pre-assembled, fully articulated and includes a lot of heavy diecast parts.

The design in question is called Supplice and is the mecha used in the very slick opening movie for Armored Core 4.

Kotobukiya have already done a few model kits of the design over the years, but this is their first toy release related to Armored Core.

It is a genuinely astonishing piece though, massive, hefty but also quite delicate. It features all the weapons and other parts and even has eyes that light up.

The detailing is also superb and the sculpt is spot on to the game.

The only downside to all this palpable excellence is the price tag, after tax in Japan it costs 52,800 yen (around $366), or it did when it was released back at the end of June in Japan.

That’s because it is pretty much sold out everywhere in Japan at release and is now going for nearly three times the above price, if you can even find it.

However, the good news is that Kotobukiya may release this internationally, so fingers crossed on that.

The only thing left would be for Armored Core 4, as well as the other older games in the series, to get a modern HD re-release.

In the meantime, I hope Kotobukiya doesn’t stop with this new Armored Core toyline, as I would love to see White Glint given the same treatment.

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