A ‘Marvel Snap’ Negative Surfer Patriot Deck With A Million Win Conditions

I am always on the hunt for new Marvel Snap decks, and this is one that really has captured my attention. It’s an amalgam of some of the best decks in the game. Patriot buffing, Surfer slamming, Negative flipping, and even Zabu is along for the ride. And I had most of the cards, minus one, making this a somewhat modified version of den’s “win condition” deck on Marvel Snap Zone.

The fundamental idea here is that you need to bake as many possible win conditions and synergies into a single deck. That way, even if you don’t draw one of your major cards that might kill another deck (Patriot, Surfer, Mr. Negative), there are still other paths forward to win. I cannot tell you how many different, weird ways I’ve won using this deck since I started with it, but it’s a ton of fun. Here’s the list:

2 – Psylocke – This is my replacement for Bast because I do not have Bast and I am guessing most of you do not have Bast. He’s dropping from Series 5 to 4 next month, so maybe he’ll be a little more accessible. But for now, I have Psylocke her mainly as a ramp to get to Negative faster, if we draw him early.

2 – Mister Sinister – Synergizes with Patriot. Can plant a flag in places like Luke’s Bar or Death zones.

3 – Ironheart – Synergizes with Negative, where she becomes an 0/3, Surfer, as a 3 drop, and Wong, for multiple uses.

3 – Mystique – Synergizes with Wong or Patriot to double their effects, which is why you see her in most of those other more standard decks.

3 – Silver Surfer – The main card in any Surfer deck, obviously, but pair him with negative and he becomes a turn 6, 0/3 buff machine.

3 – Patriot – Buffs Brood and Sinister spawns, and the Tiger from White Tiger. And is a 1/3 when flipped by Negative. Duplicated by Mystique on top of all of that.

3 – Wolfsbane – Can be played in Sinister or Brood crowded lanes. Can be doubled or quadrupled with Wong. Buffed by Surfer.

3 – Brood – Essentially for Surfer decks. Becomes as 2/3 with Negative. Two spawns buffed by Patriot

3 – Zabu – Takes Negative and Wong down to 2 energy. One power gain and energy loss when flipped. 3 drop buffed by Surfer.

4 – Mister Negative – Synergizes with practically every single card in this deck.

4 – Wong – Double or quadruples Surfer, Ironheart, Wolfsbane and White Tiger

5 – White Tiger – Nothing feels better than a 1/5 White Tiger when flipped by Negative. Her Tiger gets buffed by Patriot to become 9 power. She can spawn multiples through Wong. No need for a 6 drop, as a result.

You see the idea here. Just drowning in potential synergies and use cases. Amazing fun. First time I’ve really enjoyed a Negative deck since I got him.

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