A Marvel Spider-Man Fan Displays an Amazing Time-Stopping Mod

A fantastic mod that enables players of Marvel’s Spider-Man to slow down and stop time during combat and movement has been created and proven.


Time can be slowed down or stopped completely during combat encounters and traversal gameplay thanks to a clever mod made by a Spider-Man fan and modder. Players can further develop their Spider-sense with this Quantum Break time-stop mod for Marvel’s Spider-Man while dressing up as the Flash, Quicksilver, or other fast-moving superhero characters.

Fans have already figured out how to add a functional Flash mod to Marvel’s Spider-Man, and many players enjoy tearing through New York City at breakneck speeds. However, there has long been a clamor for a time-stop mod, which explains why enthusiasts are so thrilled that the Quantum Break mod is now available for download.

This time-stop mod is still very helpful despite not being as striking as Marvel’s Spider-Gotham Man’s Knights IGN review score mod. YouTuber NTD Modder demonstrates the time-stop mod’s capabilities by showing how it can speed up Peter and slow down time in the world. As a result, the experience becomes eerily reminiscent of The Matrix when participants slow down the passage of time around them while all at the same accelerating Peter’s pace. Like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Brush with Death ability or Breath of the Wild’s Flurry Rush ability, Peter can quickly attack enemies in succession while time is slowed around him thanks to this time stop mod.

Fans of the first game are eager to play it in new and improved ways while they wait for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which is scheduled for release in 2023. Mods like this one significantly alter the game’s normal gameplay. This mod, along with many other mods and fan-made challenges, allows for increased replayability and player engagement with the game.

Fans are excited for Spider-Man: Miles Morales to be pushed to its absolute graphic and performance limits when it launches on PC on November 18. There will undoubtedly be a ton of intriguing mods created by players for the spin-off once it is made available.


Players from various backgrounds can create and play with things not typically available in their favorite games, thanks to modding, which fosters community interaction. We can only hope the Spider-Man gamers’ community expands as more people unite to share their love of gaming and the neighborhood hero.

Spider-Man from Marvel is now accessible for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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