A Platform Will Allow Authenticating Shirts Used In Official Matches And Other Collectibles Through Blockchain

The company Chiliz, which specializes in blockchain solutions for the sports industry, presented “GameUsed.com by Chiliz”, a new service that would allow clubs and other sports organizations to authenticate official jerseys worn by sports stars and other collectibles through blockchain technology. This was reported to Cointelegraph en Español through a statement.

The platform will provide sports memorabilia providers with comprehensive digital authentication services. All items will be able to be authenticated via embedded NFC chips, allowing fans and collectors to check the authenticity of collectibles using their smartphones.

Once the collectibles have the NFC chip, the platform will issue its corresponding NFT on the Chiliz blockchain.. Collectible NFTs will include customizable digital content related to the item, such as sports highlights or creative content, and will include a direct link to proof of reservation (proof of reserve) corresponding to each object.

They report that the platform will be available to partners of “partners.com” Y could become a decentralized database to certify the authenticity of sports collectibles. “GameUsed.com by Chiliz will thus provide a turnkey solution to teams and companies looking to bring collectible ownership directly to the Web3 environment through NFTs.”, they announced in the statement.

They further state that:will provide inventory services for any pre-authenticated sports memorabilia, storing inventory securely and providing proof of reserves and permanent insurance for all stored items. At the point of sale or delivery, GameUsed.com by Chiliz will provide direct logistical and technical support on behalf of customers when an end user redeems an NFT”.

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz and Socios.com stated: “We are very excited about the launch of GameUsed.com by Chiliz” and I add: “At Chiliz, we are building one of the leading ecosystems for sports and entertainment, bringing together fans, sports teams, and sports commerce and service companies. A central element of our strategy is to continue to launch services and technology that incorporate traditional sports experiences and fan activities into the Web3 environment. We believe that blockchain technology can provide new avenues for sports teams and businesses to offer ownership and utility to fans, and by bringing blockchain authentication and distribution to sports memorabilia through GameUsed.com we are taking another important step. forward in our offer”.

In August 2022, Chiliz had already announced an investment of 100 million euros in “Barca Studios”, the digital content creation and distribution center of FC Barcelona, ​​now called “Barcelona Digital Entertainment”, in order to promote the Web3 strategy of the Barça club.

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