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Trending news: Box Office: Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkar gains momentum in the weekend, but tough times ahead


Trending news: Box Office: Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkar gains momentum in the weekend, but tough times ahead – Hindustan News Hub

The film ‘Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkar’, directed by Luv Ranjan, has collected a net collection of Rs 60 crore in its first weekend of 5 days. The road ahead is very difficult for this film of Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor. If the film has to last long then it will have to show its strength on Monday.

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A Marvel of Jugalbandi | CanIndia News


New Delhi, March 13 (IANSlife) The first Indians to be invited to perform at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles and nominee for the Global Indian Music Academy Awards for Best Classical Instrumentalists, the Mohan Brothers – Lakshay Mohan (Sitar) and Aayush Mohan(Sarod) presented Marvel of Jugalbandi Season 2, a live concert tour in the Capital’s Kamani Auditorium, where audience witnessed a celebration of the true spirit of Jugalbandi (Duet) – a music format which brings about a classic blend of two instruments.

The Sitar and Sarod, which have been a part of our Indian Classical Music for hundreds of years and are thought to be two of the most difficult instruments to master, were used in a jugalbandi during this performance tour. The performances took place in Mumbai and Bangalore in addition to Delhi. Shyam Mohan Gupta, K L Ganju, golfer Neelam Prataap Rudy, Kathak dancer Shinjini Kulkarni, artist Manisha Gawade, entrepreneur & fashion designer Neha Gupta, poet Rekha Gupta, ghazal singer Radhika Chopra, and many others graced the occasion with their wonderful presence.

The Mohan siblings have created their own unique Jugalbandi style and have mesmerised audiences all over the world. They have given performances at a number of renowned venues and events. To mention a few, these include the Central Conservatory of Music in China, Thyagaraja Festival in Cleveland, Symphony Space in New York, Learnquest Music Conference in Boston, Berklee College of Music in Boston, and Thyagaraja Festival in Cleveland. The Sawai Gandharva Festival in Pune, the Vishnu Digambar Jayanti Samaroh in Delhi, the Gunidas Sangeet Sammelan in Mumbai, the Saptak Festival in Ahmedabad, the Harivallabh Sangeet Sammelan in Jalandhar, and the Serendipity Arts Festival in Goa are just a few of the notable venues where they have performed in India.

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Vaathi 24 days Worldwide box office Collections


Vaathi 24 days Worldwide box office Collections
Vaathi 24 days Worldwide box office Collections

Vaathi box office collections: Dhanush, who made his Telugu debut with ‘Vaathi’, ‘Sir’, in Telugu started to strike at the box office by continuing his success streak. The social message oriented drama which was written and directed by Venky Atluri was  released on 17th February and received the mixed response by the movie lovers and the critics on its release day. Samyuktha Menon is playing the female lead role in the movie opposite Dhanush.


 AP TS 24  days Day Collections
Nizam : Rs 8.68 Cr
Ceeded : Rs 3.06 Cr
UA : Rs 3.22 Cr
East : Rs 1.98 Cr
West : Rs 89 L
Guntur : Rs 1.59 Cr
Krishna : Rs 1.44 Cr
Nellore : Rs 78 L
AP-TS Total : Rs 21.68 Cr (Rs 40.65 Cr Gross)

KA+OS : Rs 1.40  Cr

Total Worldwide Collections  : Rs 23.04  Cr (Rs 43.78 Cr Gross)

Tamilnadu : Rs 40.15 Cr
Telugu States: Rs 40.65 Cr
Karnataka : Rs 7.98 Cr
Kerala : Rs 1.16 Cr
ROI : Rs 1.22 Cr
Overseas : Rs 24.50 Cr
Total Worldwide Collections : Rs 115.66 Cr (Rs 60.21Cr Share)

Movie Overall Valued Business : Rs 35 Cr
Break Even: Rs 36 Cr
Total Profit: Rs  24.21Cr

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Watch: Kyle Busch’s Unlikely Reaction as Young Fan Asks Him to Sign an M&M’s Diecast of Another Driver


From 2008 until 2022, Kyle Busch was proud to consider himself a Joe Gibbs Racing driver. During that period, M&M’s linked up with him as a primary sponsor and they stuck together for a long time. It came to a stage where Kyle Busch and M&M’s were practically synonymous with each other. Sadly, that partnership has now ended and Busch is racing with another team and a new sponsor.

Despite all this, and the way Kyle Busch left JGR, he still bears no ill will towards M&M’s. Quite recently, he was signing merchandise for the fans at an event when one fan approached him. A young boy had a diecast of an M&M’s-themed car, but it happened to be a car of former driver Elliott Sadler. Nevertheless, Busch signed it anyway and the fan walked away happy.


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NASCAR Star Breaks His Silence After Ugly-Looking Tussle With Teammate Kyle

about 11 hours ago

Why did Kyle Busch leave Joe Gibbs Racing in the first place?

The saga started when M&M’s decided to leave NASCAR entirely. This pretty much left Busch and Joe Gibbs Racing on the lurch and in a desperate situation. Obviously, no NASCAR driver can last long without a sponsor, so the search was on for a new sponsor. For a while, Busch and Joe Gibbs Racing negotiated back and forth but could not reach an agreement.

via Imago

Naturally, Richard Childress was not about to let such a valuable free agent slip from his grasp. As a result, he promptly signed the 2-time Cup Series champion and Busch was only too happy to sign above the dotted line. Since then, the #8 driver has not regretted a thing, and he has hit the ground running.


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How is the 2023 season panning out for Kyle Busch?

As mentioned before, he has gotten his season off to a fantastic start by winning at the Auto Club Speedway. Owing to this, he has not only triumphed for his new team but broken Richard Petty’s record for the most consecutive seasons (19) with a win. Furthermore, he has booked his berth in the Playoffs, but then again, the season is long.


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For the moment, he will be looking ahead to the next race at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Without a doubt, now that he has had a taste of the victory, he will want to visit that lane more often.

WATCH THIS STORY: Kyle Busch’s Highest-Paid Driver Status Questioned After M&Ms Quits Nascar

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Laura’s Past Comes Back to Haunt Her in First Look at Marvel’s “X-23: Deadly Regenesis #2”


Laura Kinney’s past comes back to haunt her in “X-23: Deadly Regenesis #2.” Marvel shared a first look at the upcoming comic.

  • In Erica Schultz and Edgar Salazar’s “X-23: Deadly Regenesis #1,” Laura set out to find herself in a world that has tried to mold her into a weapon many times over.
  • However, a selfless act led her to be identified by Kimura, her sadistic handler from the Facility that created her.
  • Delighted by this discovery, Kimura sent Jordan Gastin, AKA Haymaker, to take Laura in. Unbeknownst to Laura, though, Haymaker has a connection to the violent past she so desperately wants to escape.
  • “X-23: Deadly Regenesis #2″ will show Laura’s first encounter with Jordan as Haymaker—and it’s about to get bloody.
  • In a special first look at the issue, Laura squares up for a fight, her hands bloodied in the aftermath of a toxin that dampened her healing factor.
X-23: DEADLY REGENESIS #2 interior artwork by Edgar Salazar

X-23: DEADLY REGENESIS #2 interior artwork by Edgar Salazar

  • As Haymaker charges her, she flashes back to her time at the Facility with Kimura, which leads her to put her claws away…until Haymaker knocks over a street lamp and she’s forced to chop it up into smaller pieces to save some innocent bystanders, anyway.
  • What is Haymaker’s connection to Laura and her past as X-23? Learn more in “X-23: Deadly Regenesis #2,” on sale April 12.
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Trending news: ‘Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkar’ is blowing up at the box office, there was a huge jump in the fifth day’s earnings


TJMM Box Office Collection Day 5: Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor’s romantic comedy film ‘Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkar’ was released on Holi 2023 weekend. Directed by Luv Ranjan, this film made a bumper opening on the first day on Wednesday. Although there was a decline in the collection on weekdays i.e. Thursday and Friday, but on Saturday and Sunday the film got a lot of footfall in theaters and this new love story of the new age was liked by the audience. With this, the film’s earnings also increased. Let us know here how much business ‘Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkar’ has done on the fifth day of its release i.e. Sunday.

,You are a liar, I am a liar, how much did it collect on the fifth day,
Ranbir and Shraddha’s romantic chemistry in the film ‘Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkar’ directed by Luv Ranjan is very much liked by the audience. With this, the film is getting great response at the box office. Talking about the earnings, the film collected Rs 15.73 crore on the very first day of its release. On the other hand, ‘Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkar’ collected Rs 10.34 crore on the second day. The film did a business of Rs 10.52 crore in the third. On the other hand, ‘Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkar’ collected 16.57 crores on the first Saturday i.e. the fourth day, taking a tremendous jump in terms of earnings. The initial figures of the film’s fifth day i.e. Sunday’s earnings have also come.

Let us tell you that according to Sakelin’s report, ‘Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkar’ has made a grand collection of Rs 17.50 crore on Sunday. With this, the total collection of the film has now gone up to Rs 70.66 crore.

star cast of the film
Talking about the star cast of the film ‘Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkar’, apart from Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia, Anubhav Singh Bassi and Boney Kapoor have also played important roles in the film. The film is getting a lot of love from the audience.

,You are a liar, I am a liar, the story of
Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor are in lead roles in ‘Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkar’. In the film, this pair has been shown to be from Delhi. Both of them meet when they go to Spain for a holiday and during this time both of them meet. Then such a situation arises that both of them fall in love with each other. Luv Ranjan has left no stone unturned to make ‘Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkar’ refreshing by adopting various tricks. After the interval, the film becomes a family film. Please tell that Luv Ranjan has also made films like ‘Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety’ and ‘Pyaar Ka Panchnama’ earlier.

read this also:-Oscar Awards 2023: Forget ‘RRR’ and ‘Chello Show’, these four Indian films could have made a splash at the Oscars

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Paul Edwards, EVP of Business Technology, AMAG Technology, Talks About Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation and More – Retail News Today


Paul Edwards, EVP of Business Technology, AMAG Technology, Talks About Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation and More – Retail News Today – EIN Presswire

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Monday, March 13, 2023


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10 Ways Marvel Has Made Wolverine Stronger Over The Years


Wolverine rose from relative obscurity to conquer the comic industry, blowing past Marvel‘s Silver Age titans in terms of popularity. He’s eclipsed everyone but Spider-Man and even that’s debatable. Wolverine has grown and changed like few others characters in comics, especially ones of his stature. Wolverine is the best there is at what he does, and what he does is a little bit of everything.

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The key to Wolverine’s success is the myriad ways Marvel’s creators have made him stronger over the years. Whether it be as a tougher superhero or the way he’s been developed as a character, Wolverine has risen to the top. His success revolves around how much stronger he’s become.

10 Wolverine Has Beaten The Hulk

Marvel Comics' Wolverine Stabbing Hulk In The Head

Wolverine has fought some tough battles, sometimes winning, sometimes losing. However, there’s an opponent that Wolverine has beaten that shows just strong Logan truly is. Wolverine first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #181, and he and the Jade Giant would have many battles over the years. The Hulk is a devastating opponent, but Wolverine has managed to beat him.

In fact, Wolverine has a better win percentage over the Hulk than the Avengers. Marvel doesn’t let many heroes beat the Hulk, so the fact that Wolverine has been able to take him down says a lot about the character. In fact, Old Man Logan has killed two different versions of the Hulk, including the ultra-powerful Maestro.

9 Wolverine Went From Loner To Team Player

Marvel Comics' X-Men God Loves Man Kills Cover by Brent Anderson

When Wolverine first joined the X-Men, he was the gruff loner. Fans fell in love with him, the killer with the heart of gold, and as time went on he softened. Eventually, he became an extremely important X-Man, going from the guy who caused all the problems for Cyclops to Storm’s right-hand man. He became a mentor, someone that other members of the team looked up to.

Wolverine becoming more of a team player was a big step in making the character stronger. Being a mouthy loner can carry a hero for a while, but eventually they have to grow. Wolverine’s growth into a team player and a mentor of Kate Pryde, Jubilee, and others was an important part in his development.

8 Wolverine Is A Ninja

Wolverine stabbed with a sword in Marvel Comics

In the 1980s, making a character a ninja suddenly brought them to next level in popularity. It worked for Daredevil and it worked for Wolverine. Making Wolverine a ninja, and later revealing his mastery of multiple martial arts, made Logan more than just a simple berserker. His struggle to use martial arts to bring discipline to the beast within added a new dimension to the character.

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Wolverine as a ninja enabled writers Chris Claremont and Larry Hama to transform Wolverine into a warrior poet, a superhero ronin fighting against his own demons to do the right thing. It not only made him a stronger fighter, but a stronger character. The best conceptions of the character all come from this one plot development.

Marvel Comics' Wolverine and Sabretooth fighting it out

A hero isn’t truly someone until they have their own rogues gallery. Spider-Man is a cool character, but he wouldn’t be a greatest-of-all-time superhero without his rogues gallery. Plenty of superheroes are great on teams, but don’t work solo because they don’t have any villains of their own. Wolverine got lucky in that he got Sabretooth as a rival, and the rest came as time went on.

Wolverine has a deadly rogues gallery, all enemies tailor made to make his day worse. Enemies like Omega Red, Roughhouse, Bloodscream, Romulus and more have tested Wolverine like no one else. Giving Wolverine formidable villains is a testament to how strong the character has become.

6 Weapon X Made Wolverine Better

Wolverine attacking the Weapon X project's soldiers.

Weapon X created deadly supersoldiers, with Wolverine foremost among them. For years, readers wondered where Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton and claws came from. Writer/artist Barry Windsor-Smith gave them that answer in Weapon X, which told the story of Wolverine’s time at the titular program.

Adding the Weapon X program to Wolverine’s backstory was a step in the right direction. It allowed for so many great stories over the years, giving readers some answers but leaving others opaque. It also made Wolverine just plain tougher. From giving him his unbreakable skeleton to physically enhancing him in other ways, Weapon X became an important part of the toughening of Wolverine.

5 Wolverine Became The X-Men’s Most Formidable Fighter

Wolverine, X-21, and Beast from X-Men Legends in Marvel Comics

The X-Men have some great fighters, with the team boasting many of the greatest heroes on Earth. Cyclops, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Storm and more all shined bright on the team, but all of them soon found themselves eclipsed by Wolverine. The ol’ Canucklehead was always a tough guy, but as he got more popular and well-developed, he took the crown as the X-Men’s best fighter.

Wolverine started to get more and more spotlight, got more fleshed out, and became the X-Men’s foremost member, even if he wasn’t the leader. He was the one who could sneak into an enemy base by himself and soften it up. He was the guy who jumped into every fight first. He was the team’s alpha dog, and he proved it in the field.

4 Wolverine Saves The Day All The Time

wolverine crawls through sewers in X-Men comics

As the team’s best fighter and breakout star, Wolverine started to carry the X-Men. When all seemed lost, Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton, healing factor, and sheer tenacity allowed him to surprise the team’s foes when they thought they had won. Wolverine became the come from behind kid; every time things seemed lost, he shifted into a new gear and took it to the enemy.

The X-Men knew that if things were at their worst, Wolverine was at his best. He kept the team going through thick and thin, pulling their fat out of the fire over and over again. With his adamantium skeleton or without, Wolverine became the team’s MVP.

3 X-Force Made Wolverine A Leader

Uncanny X-Force Judge Dredd crossover

Wolverine’s year as a spy and an assassin gave him skills that few other X-Men had, skills that would come in handy when the decimated mutant race moved to San Francisco. Cyclops had Wolverine bring together a team of mutants who had no problems with killing and form a new X-Force. The team’s mandate was simple – kill any enemy before they could kill mutants.

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Wolverine had become a team player, but he was rarely a leader. X-Force changed that. Wolverine led two different X-Force teams. While he made some mistakes, he still showed that he had what it took to be a leader. This was his first step to becoming something better.

2 Wolverine Started His Own X-Men School

Wolverine and the X-Men standing in front of Krakoa in Marvel Comics

Wolverine was among the most reliable X-Men during the team’s time on Utopia, but an ideological schism with Cyclops would change all of that. Wolverine and a group of like-minded mutants would leave Utopia and go back to Westchester. They rebuilt the X-Mansion and started a new school with Wolverine taking his place as headmaster.

This was a huge step in making Wolverine a stronger, more well-rounded character. He had already been a leader, but becoming the headmaster of a mutant school, responsible for the next generation of mutants, was a massive step. He had finally been positioned at the top of the mutant hero community.

1 Wolverine’s Healing Factor

Wolverine's healing from bullet wounds in Marvel Comics

Wolverine has really cool powers, but his most useful one is his healing factor. At first, it wasn’t as high octane as it would become. He’d heal from gunshots and flesh wounds rather quickly, but more serious injuries took time. His healing factor went into overdrive after he had healed from the loss of his adamantium. When he got his metal skeleton back, his healing factor stayed strong.

As the years went on, it only got stronger. Wolverine could heal from nearly any wound in seconds and attacks that would have taken days to heal took hours. He was even able to regenerate from being disintegrated. This stronger healing factor made him even formidable in battle.

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RTL Today – Sixth instalment: ‘Scream’ still echoes, topping N. America box office


Twenty-seven years after the first “Scream” movie raised goosebumps, a sixth installment opened atop the North American box office this weekend, taking in an estimated $44.5 million, industry watcher Exhibitor Relations said Sunday.

That was “an excellent opening for an elite horror movie,” said analyst David A. Gross, and it came as the film world’s glitterati were converging on Hollywood for the evening’s Oscar presentations.

A Paramount/Spyglass Media product, “Scream VI” again combines mystery and black comedy.

This edition stars Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega and Skeet Ulrich; it is the first in the series not to star Neve Campbell, who failed to reach terms with the studio.

Last week’s top film, MGM’s boxing drama “Creed III,” came in second, with a take estimated at $27.2 million for the Friday-through-Sunday period.

Michael B. Jordan directs — his first time in that role — while again playing title character Apollo Creed.

In third was “65,” a new sci-fi thriller from Sony and Columbia Pictures, at $12.3 million.

Adam Driver plays a pilot whose spaceship crashes on an unknown planet, which turns out to be the Earth of 65 million years ago, and has to protect himself and a young passenger from dinosaur attack as well as from a huge asteroid that is about to extinguish much of life on Earth.

Marvel and Disney’s “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” placed fourth, at $7 million. Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly star as the winged title characters.

And in fifth place was Universal’s horror comedy “Cocaine Bear,” at $6.2 million. Keri Russell plays a woman hunted through the Tennessee woods by a bear that had come upon, and unwisely consumed, a stash of drugs.

Finally, while ticket sales and Oscar wins do not always coincide, these were Hollywood’s top earners last year, according to Gross: “Avatar: The Way of Water” ($2.28 billion); “Top Gun: Maverick” ($1.49 billion); “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” ($859 million); “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” ($455 million), “Elvis” ($287 million), and “Everything, Everywhere All at Once” ($106 million).

Rounding out this weekend’s top 10 were:

“Jesus Revolution” ($5.2 million)

“Champions” ($5.2 million)

“Avatar: The Way of Water” ($2.7 million)

“Demon Slayer: To the Swordsmith Village” ($1.9 million)

“Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” ($1.7 million)

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