Black Friday Sale Sees Chromecast with Google TV 4K Drops to Just $29: Free Stranger Things Funko Pop! Included

A new Black Friday sale deal was spotted on Walmart for the Chromecast with Google TV. The cool part of this deal is that buyers get a free Stranger Things Eleven with Eggos Funko POP!

Upgrading a Person’s Home Entertainment System can be Done with a TV Stick

Upgrading one’s home entertainment system can be very expensive for some. Smart TVs cost a little bit extra compared to regular flatscreen TVs, and because of that, some people would rather sacrifice access to streaming services.

The good thing about sales is that it allows people to purchase things they would have otherwise thought expensive. While smart TVs are still in the market, only a few people might be able to afford a replacement.

Smart TVs are Often Expensive but a Deal was Spotted on Walmart for Just $29

Another technique to purchasing a smart TV is to buy a TV stick like the Chromecast with Google TV to gain access to streaming services. This will help turn a regular TV into a smart TV with access to different streaming apps.

An article by Tom’s Guide shared that they spotted a Chromecast with Google TV 4K selling for less than half its original price. The price for the Chromecast with Google TV 4K is notably valued up to $61 as per its picture on Walmart.

Chromecast with Google TV 4K Comes with a Free Stranger Things Eleven with Eggos Funko POP!

The good thing about this purchase is that buyers will get the Chromecast with Google TV 4K and a Stranger Things Eleven with Eggos Funko POP! The Funko POP! is a bonus that players can display around or add to their collection.

The more economical way for people to upgrade their home entertainment system is by attaching a TV stick like the Chromecast with Google TV 4K to give it the functions of a regular smart TV.

Users Get Access to Over 700,000 Movies, TV Episodes, and Millions of Songs

The Chromecast with Google TV bundle gives users access to entertainment. Users can browse through over 700,000 movies, TV episodes, and millions of songs.

Users can also instantly see movies and TV shows from all services in one place, which will help eliminate the need to switch back and forth. Users will also get suggestions based on their subscriptions, viewing habits, and content the users own.

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Users Will Also be able to View Content in 4K Viewing with Bright Colors and HDR

Users will also gain access to 4K viewing with bright colors and HDR. To top everything off, the Chromecast connects simply with an HDMI cable and can connect to the users’ WiFi for them to start streaming right away.

Users can also activate voice assistance via Google Assist to easily control the device without always needing to use the remote. Users can use voice controls to search for movies and TV series when they press the Google Assist button.

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