Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Conquers Box Office, Earns 20x More Than Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam

DCEU’s Black Adam stormed right into the theaters with a bang. It is safe to say the superhero genre debut of Dwayne Johnson went in the right direction with a huge box-office collection. On the other side, while Black Adam came in its fourth week, MCU released Black Panther: Wakanda Forever last week with a banger opening.


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But the question is, did Ryan Coogler’s second MCU film conquer the weekend over The Rock’s Black Adam? 


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On 21st October, the most awaited film of Dwayne Johnson, Black Adam, hit the theatres. After being one the of top superhero movies for around three weekends, The Teth Adam film earned $8.6M in its fourth weekend. A Twitter user shared the analysis of Black Adam’s fourth-weekend box office collection. The user writes, “[Black Adam] made an estimated $8.6M (-53%) in its fourth weekend! Total domestic gross: $151.1M”

However, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever had a stellar first weekend. The movie earned a whopping $180 million in its opening week domestically. Worldwide, this MCU movie made a massive $330 million, which is Black Adam’s ($352 million) three-week collection as per The Hollywood Reporter.

However, the WWE legend’s Black Adam’s opening weekend collection was $67 million. Nevertheless, The Rock’s superhero adaptation movie was the number-one movie in the world for three weeks, as per DJ’s latest Instagram post.





Therefore, after all the analysis, we can say, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever outranked Black Adam this past weekend. However, even though Coogler’s movie had a massive box office, it is behind Dr. Strange: Multiverse of Madness ($187.4 million) in 2022. Moreover, the 2018 movie of Black Panther had an opening week of $202 million domestically.


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Dwayne Johnson praises Black Panther: Wakanda Forever 

The sequel of Black Panther is not just a movie for the fans and other stars. It is an emotion, a feeling, and a tribute to the late actor Chadwick Boseman, who passed away in August 2020 due to colon cancer.


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The 10-time WWE world champion shared a tweet for their best opening this year. He praised the makers of the film and even said he’ll soon watch it.


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This is a great sportsman spirit of Johnson which makes fans love him more. Being an official DCEU star, he praised an MCU movie, which is a sign of true sportsmanship.

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