Box Office: Ram Setu and Thank God fall freely as Diwali effect wears off; Akshay Kumar starrer leads


This year’s Diwali releases Ram Setu and Thank God continue to struggle at the box office with a declining trend day on day. Ram Setu, with a relatively better opening and trend, has now started recording numbers more than double of Thank God, on a daily basis. This does act as a consolation for the lacklustre performance of the former, since it has rather easily emerged as the Diwali winner. Both releases got the benefit of Diwali holidays and it can be said that without the festive holidays, the numbers would have been lower than what they are.

Ram Setu added Rs. 6.25 – Rs. 6.75 cr nett on its fourth ticketing day, that is Friday. The numbers are around 25 percent down from the previous day. The drops are steeper because the Diwali factor is wearing out and things are getting back to normal. The film is expected to grow for the next couple of days, but the jump may not be massive because a good chunk of the prospective audience has already watched the film, which limits its growth potential. It is the hold of the film that will give an indication of where the film is headed in its lifetime run.

Unlike Ram Setu, Thank God has been struggling from the very first day at the box office. The opening of around Rs. 7.75 crore on the day after Diwali was already a killer, but the massive drops after the first day, has sealed the fate of the film. The film added a meagre Rs. 3 cr nett on its fourth day and from here on, we can expect Kantara (Hindi) in its third week to edge past Thank God on a day on day basis.

The Diwali holidays have clearly gone under-utilised as Hindi original films have not found the acceptance they ought to get. The Hindi film industry will rely on Drishyam 2 and Bhediya for some sort of resurrection while it will hope films like Phone Bhoot and Mili find its audience.

The day-wise nett collections of this year’s Diwali releases are as follows:-
Ram Setu:

Day 1 – Rs. 15 cr
Day 2 – Rs. 11 cr
Day 3 – Rs. 8 cr
Day 4 – Rs. 6.5 cr
Total: Rs. 40.5 cr nett

Thank God:
Day 1 – Rs. 7.75 cr
Day 2 – Rs. 5.75 cr
Day 3 – Rs. 4 cr
Day 4 – Rs. 3 cr
Total: Rs. 20.5 cr nett

You can watch Ram Setu and Thank God at a theatre near you.

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