TOYS AND COLLECTABLES: Renowned enthusiast’s collection causes a stir at Cheshire saleroom

They had found fame not least through his books, such as Collecting Tin Toys (1987), which reflected his ethos.

Aaron Dean of the Adam Partridge (20% buyer’s premium) saleroom in Macclesfield, where nearly 230 lots were on offer, said Tempest was interested in the research possibilities as much as owning the individual toy.


One of the most watched Tempest collection items was this ingenious German tinplate mechanical toy, The Artist, by Philip Vielmetter. It is probably the example illustrated in Tempest’s book Collecting Tin Toys, p77. The mechanism uses cams all about the size of a 50p piece to depict the Queen, Bismarck, Nun, McKinley, Parrot, Punch, Czar, Napoleon, Monkey, Coq, Nansen, Gladstone and Salisbury. The catalogue noted the mechanism ‘does wind although no guarantee of working order’. Aaron Dean said: “What a wonderful bit of engineering – you put essentially a shaped cog on the underside, you crank the mechanism and the arm of the artist will move across with its stylus in its hand and complete the outline.” In the original box (missing lid), it sold for £2050 (estimate £600-1000) to the same Portuguese buyer as the Attalage Flamand also shown.

“He wasn’t in it to make money but he was in it for the enthusiasm and the history,” added Dean, “so he would sell it on to the next collector at private deal or auction but what it made was sort of irrelevant – he had his time with it, had learnt from it, then he would find something else to research. That’s how he operated.”

Tempest had a wide-ranging enthusiasm for toys of all types stretching back a century, encompassing classic early French and German makes (many from the manufacturing hub of Nuremberg) through to Japanese robots.

That interest included games and collectables – also available in this auction – and jigsaws, scientific instruments, musical instruments, phonographs and books, not to mention coins and pocket watches going into another Adam Partridge sale this month.

Name value


While one bidder did admit to being put off competing for this a rare late 19th century walking peacock or clockwork automaton as the price rose, considering the condition, two others were determined enough to take the result to £1850 – way above the £100-200 estimate. It went on thesaleroom.com to a a private buyer from the south of England. In the original case, the peacock featured real feather plumage and diecast legs, and was about 14in (35cm) long. The catalogue noted: ‘The feathers are in poor condition and several of the tail feather are lacking. No key and has not been wound to see if the mechanism works. The box lacking part of the side and much of the lid.’ The toy was made by French firm Roullett & Decamps. A clockwork automaton model of a pig and dog by the same maker sold for £860.

This toys and collectables section notched up a total just shy of £65,000 with every Tempest lot sold. The Tempest name doubtless added a certain cachet, while most estimates pitched at modest levels brought an enthusiastic bidder response.

Dean – who also had the sizeable task of checking the clockwork mechanisms pre-sale ready for condition reports – said: “It really was a super sale and so much fun to complete for the vendor. Jack’s family were exceptionally pleased with the sale and that every lot sold.”

So pleased in fact they arrived at Dean’s house on the Saturday after the auction to present a big bunch of flowers as a thank you. Tempest, who lived locally, was well known to the saleroom and a personal friend of Partridge himself. When he died his family consigned the collection.


Estimated at £100-150, this 13½in (34cm) high late 19th century Continental musical puppet theatre/puppet show, possibly German or French, has a side crank handle operating a musical box and three puppets. It was catalogued as ‘crank arm does crank and the music plays, all three figures moves’. It was overall ‘a little tired’ but sold for £520 to the same buyer as the two cars pictured top. Aaron Dean said: “He has explained that this little theatre has wooden cogs which makes it German and now that they have opened it to clean and conserve it, it has yielded another surprise in that it has the remains of a silk curtain which should rise and fall as the music starts and stops.”

Originally a Jacquard designer for the textile industry, Tempest’s toys expertise was all self-taught because, as Dean added, “he had just a genuine enthusiasm from childhood for such things. His knowledge developed organically, he became quite an authority on it and, as the family said to me, he would very often buy something, spend a lot of time researching it and write about it as well, obviously sometimes going in those books, and then often would sell things on – a ‘working collection’ I suppose is the best way to describe it.

“The collection brought a lot of people to the room. A lot of enthusiastic collectors, some of whom we knew, some never seen before, which was lovely. We had some great phone bidders and an awful lot of interest online worldwide – US, France, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Japan, Australia and New Zealand all bidding.”


Among a strong selection of clockwork tinplate motorcycle toys was this 5½in (14cm) long CKO Kellermann bike and sidecar, Tourist, No 370. The firm was founded by Georg Kellermann, Nuremberg, 1910. In overall ‘fair condition’, with no key but a mechanism that does wind although it does not run, it took £580 (estimate £50-100) at Adam Partridge online from a regular toy buyer from north-west England.

Research race is on

Despite the copious research, it is somewhat ironic that the top lot remains a mystery – although that does also reinforce the fact that Tempest had such a wide-ranging collection involving minor as well as major manufacturers.

Offered in a single lot was a tinplate clockwork Lehmann Tut Tut car but it was the toy racing car accompanying it that caused a stir. The Tut Tut is relatively common at auction and often makes around £200-300, so it was a shock when the final price for the pair was £5000 against an estimate of £80-120.

The catalogue described the red car, which was marked II.N.13, as ‘incomplete and with rubbing and tarnishing to the decoration throughout and with some surface marks to the back of the vehicle. This vehicle also has solder repairs to the back’. The mechanism of this car was not working.

Dean said: “This was purchased by a private collector from London who knew Jack well. The collector knew many of the pieces in the auction but did not know that Tempest owned this particular red racing car.

“He explained to me that the red car is a ‘very interesting German made race car which I have never seen before’. He also said that other collectors have not seen this example. He is thrilled to have it and it is currently with his conservator having some sympathetic repair work before being added to his collection.”


The ‘promotional backdrop’ for the Tut Tut car and mystery racing car sold at Adam Partridge for £5000 is shown here.

Dean had also found in the collection, separate from the car, a tin lid which he realised showed the red car II.N.13 and included it with the lot. That lid had a title Automobil-Unfall Automobile-Accident Motor car Accident, showing the red car pranged from behind – with driver and passenger thrown out – by a car looking a bit like the Tut Tut.

The buyer “believes that the tin lid which accompanies this lot and illustrated the car is not from a box but may be a promotional/advertising backdrop for use in a toy shop with the car standing on a platform in front of it”, added Dean.


Schuco was a German manufacturing company founded in 1912 by Heinrich Müller and the businessman Heinrich Schreyer in Nuremberg. Best known for toy vehicles, these tinplate clockwork figures also proved popular in the Tempest selection. The Charlie Chaplin toy sold for £520 (guide £100-200) and the chef at £780 (£60- 80). The former is thought to be the figure pictured on p84 of Tempest’s Collecting Tin Toys. Both about 6½in (16cm) high and both bought via thesaleroom.com, the Chaplin went to the same Portuguse buyer as the artist and Attalage Flamand also pictured in this feature, while the chef will now serve a private client from the US.

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Fans Predict “Legendary” Announcement as NASCAR Diecast Company Teases Something Special Ahead of Christmas

Recently, the diecast company Lionel Racing dropped a massive tease. This announcement is expected to drop on December 5th and the official NASCAR diecast producer gave no hints. Naturally, this sent social media into a frenzy, as fans were both excitement and trying to guess the surprise. The reason behind this massive announcement is probably because Christmas is just around the corner.


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As mentioned before, Lionel Racing is the official diecast producer of NASCAR. So people have to go through the company to buy a diecast of their favorite driver. With Christmas approaching, the company will be eager to do something special for the fans. This way, they can spread some holiday cheer for all their customers.


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How did NASCAR fans react to the possible Christmas tease?

The excitement went through the roof as people anxiously waited for the ‘legendary’ announcement. They all knew that whatever news comes out, it would be interesting and make Christmas the ‘best time of year’ for NASCAR fans. This news also did not stop the fans from trying to vie for special attention. Honestly speaking, the special attention could mean anything from discounts to exclusive merchandise, to more goodies.


Legendary Crew Chief Kept Hendrick Motorsports Legend in the Same Category as
NASCAR Pioneers Junior Johnson & the France Family in 2009

about 2 hours ago

The official handle of Lionel Racing took to Twitter and tweeted,

This sent fans into a frenzy as they expressed their excitement while also trying to guess the crux of the impending announcement.

However, some people thought that they had a good idea of what the announcement was about. Back then, Lionel Racing used to have a diecast Santa Claus to hand out gifts. Few people even began to plan out their gift list for Santa Claus. All in all, the announcement has everyone hyped, and the fact that Lionel Racing has played coy only builds the hype.


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For the moment, everyone will have to wait for December 5th, when their curiosity will be, hopefully, sated. Until then, the guessing games will probably continue. All that Lionel Racing has to do is to maintain their silence until the time comes. Or they could play hot and cold with the guesses and rile up the fans even more.

WATCH THIS STORY: Chase Elliott Held Guilty for “Killing” Own Car in Supposed Ross Chastain Dirty Move: “Can’t Expect Someone in the Championship 4 to Lift for You”

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Watch a Porsche 911 Diecast Restoration Go From Busted to Beautiful

One TikTok channel has demonstrated how to turn a nearly destroyed Porsche 911 diecast toy into a stunning piece of automotive art.

Diecast toys are the bread and butter for kids into cars. Of course, the rigors of play mean that many end up battered and bruised. Restoring them is hard work, as demonstrated by restoration_kamasutra on TikTok. In a recent video, they work on a haggard example of a 993-generation Porsche 911 Carrera, and the results are exemplary.

The first step is always disassembly. All the various components of the car are pulled apart to be treated individually. This also gives us a full look at the shape of the car as a whole. Most of the plastic components are tired, faded, and worn. The body itself is in poor shape, too, with rust on the bonnet and plenty of missing paint. The windshield surround is also broken, and one of the door cards is in pieces.

The video demonstrates a solid understanding of the fundamentals, as you’d expect. The techniques used are familiar, such as stripping off the old paint and airbrushing the body in a rich red finish. The execution is top-notch, though, with the car’s body restored to a mirror shine after sanding and polishing are complete. The video also shows what a difference outlining makes. A hit of Tamiya’s special black accent paint really highlights the lines of the various panels and the fuel filler cap, for example.

The video also highlights more advanced techniques. Stretchy fabric is used as a spray template to texturize parts of the seats. The interior floors and door cards are given a coat of glue, followed by a flocking material that creates the appearance of carpet, just like in the real car. It makes the interior look so much more real than the simple hard plastic of the basic model. Blueberry Smoothie eyeshadow applied to the seats is also a particular highlight, adding depth to the leather-like finish beyond a simple flat coat of paint.

Perhaps most impressive are the components built from scratch. A set of wheels are modeled on a computer and then 3D-printed to suit the car. As for the brakes, they’re replicated from an existing Nissan Skyline GT-R model using resin casting techniques. Being able to see through the rims to the brake components adds a lot of realism to the finished product. There’s a similar level of detail work in the engine bay, too, like a full set of sparkplug wires and boots made out of thin-gauge electrical wiring. The exhaust components even have realistic heat discoloration underneath.

The only disappointment is that in a five-minute video, we only get a two-second look at the finished product. Overall, though, it’s a masterclass in diecast restoration. It really shows how attention to the finer details elevates the model from a fun toy to something that’s a genuinely gorgeous recreation of the real thing. Beyond that, it’s simply a pleasure to watch a master modeler at work.

Got a tip? Let the author know: lewin@thedrive.com

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Six Costco finds starting at $6 – just in time for the holiday season and perfect for gifting

A COSTCO super shopper has revealed the best deals they discovered in store this early in the holiday season.

The list shared on TikTok includes a series of items that are perfect for gift giving as the shopping rush has already begun.

Costco has shelves stocked and ready to go for the holiday shopping season


Costco has shelves stocked and ready to go for the holiday shopping seasonCredit: Getty
One of the highest-priced finds from @costcocorner was a Nintendo OLED Switch


One of the highest-priced finds from @costcocorner was a Nintendo OLED SwitchCredit: TikTok/@costcocorner

“Things found at Costco this week,” @costcocorner said in a video as he showed off weekly finds.

“Just in time for the cold season, get your heated throw for $32.99,” the narrator said.

The throw from the premiere home brand Brookstone appears to come in multiple colors, including a classic white and a holiday plaid red.

The TikToker went on to reveal a $79.99 white, down, hypoallergenic comforter up for the grabs of any Costco member.

I’m a Costco super shopper – the 3 finds starting at $6 for Thanksgiving
I’m a Costco super fan - I love eating samples, it's a free lunch but people are mad

The markdown is a deal for “one of the more popular comforters,” Costco Corner said.

Another holiday must-have was taking space on the big-box store’s shelves.

“This holiday season might be the perfect time to finally give someone that OLED Switch,” @costcorner said while showing stock of the highly-desired handheld Nintendo console.

It was priced at $399.99 at Costco.

Nintendo’s OLED, which stands for organic light-emitting diodes, uses organic substances as opposed to artificial ones to create the biggest, most vivid display yet, TechTarget reported.

It also has twice the storage and a longer battery life than the Original, V2, and Lite versions of the Switch, according to iMore.

They also have high-quality, low-tech toys for the gifting season.

“If you’re a fan of diecast car models, Costco has quite a few to choose from. They’re $16.99,” the creator said.

While this is a regional and weather-dependent item, @costcorner mentioned: “If snow has already started for you, $22.99 for a sled.”

There was also one snack item on the Costco list: “A Kirkland version of Himalayan salt Kettle Brand Chips for $5.69.”

Though it looked to be a cost-efficient and diverse array of goodies, one TikToker was not so impressed with the chips.

They took to the comments to say: “5.69 for plain salt chips…that better be a 10 pack in there.”

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Best Hot Wheels Mario Kart toys | SiouxlandProud | Sioux City, IA

What are the best Hot Wheels Mario Kart toys? 

Mario Kart is best known for being a video game series, but Nintendo partnered up with Hot Wheels to bring the series to life with scaled model cars and unique tracks with interactive elements based on locales from the Mario universe. 

There are tons of Karts to collect, and certain Hot Wheels tracks can be combined with others to make mega tracks. The DieCast Hot Wheels Mario Kart 7 Pack Mario Kart Bundle Set is the ultimate option for people looking to get into Hot Wheels Mario Kart toys. 

Are Hot Wheels Mario Kart toys collectible? 

Believe it or not, certain Hot Wheels models go for thousands of dollars, especially if they are older toys. Many vintage Hot Wheels toys are worth more than the original retail price. By keeping Hot Wheels toys in mint condition, they could definitely be worth more in the future. There is no way to tell what cars will accumulate value, but by getting rare and exclusive Hot Wheels cars, like the Black Yoshi, there is a higher chance they will someday be worth something. 

Do the Hot Wheels Mario Kart toys resemble the video game? 

There is no compatibility between the Hot Wheels Mario Kart models and the video games, but the toy models do resemble kart models found in the video game. There are also tracks with interactive elements featuring famous Mario characters like Boo and Bullet Bill, so fans of the video games will certainly feel like the Hot Wheels line of toys are authentic. 

Best Hot Wheels Mario Kart character toys 

Best Hot Wheels Toy set for beginners

DieCast Hotwheels Mario Kart 7 Pack Mario Kart Bundle Set

This is a bundle of seven different Hot Wheels Mario Kart racers that includes a rare Baby Mario model. By buying these models in a bundle instead of buying each car one at a time, you can save money and start off with a number of different racers. One thing to note is that the karts are assorted, so you may have to contact Amazon if you have a preference about which characters you get in the pack.

Sold by Amazon

Best Hot Wheels Mario Kart toy for Yoshi lovers 

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Characters and Karts as Die-Cast Toy Cars 4-Pack

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Characters and Karts as Die-Cast Toy Cars 4-Pack

This is a set of four Mario Kart racers including Mario, Luigi, Bowser and a collectible Black Yoshi. This unique black Yoshi cannot be purchased anywhere else, and this set is only available on Amazon. All the karts are compatible with Hot Wheels tracks.

Sold by Amazon 

Best Hot Wheels Mario Kart toy for Mario fans 

Hot Wheels Nintendo Premium Mario Kart Tanooki Mario Diecast Standard Kart

Hot Wheels Nintendo Premium Mario Kart Tanooki Mario Diecast Standard Kart

This die-cast collectible Tanooki Mario Hot Wheels toy is perfect for Mario fans. Mario is wearing his beloved Tanooki suit, and the kart matches its color. The diecast material makes this kart a little heavier, faster and more durable than some of its plastic counterparts.

Sold by Amazon

Best Hot Wheels Mario Kart toy for Wario fans 

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Wario Die-Cast Character Car

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Wario Die-Cast Character Car

If you’re a fan of Mario’s arch-nemesis Wario, you’re in luck! He’s finally got his own Hot Wheels kart. Unavailable in most of the sets, this is your chance to see Wario join the race. This particular car is made of a heavier die-cast material. Send Wario off in his classic yellow and purple kart.

Sold by Amazon 

Best Hot Wheels Mario Kart version of Toad 

Hot Wheels GBG30 Mario Kart 1:64 Die-Cast Toad with Sneeker Vehicle

Hot Wheels GBG30 Mario Kart 1:64 Die-Cast Toad with Sneeker Vehicle

Toad is one of the most adorable and popular characters in the Mushroom Kingdom, and he is also one of the more affordable karts on the market. This die-cast kart is compatible with all the tracks, and instead of the standard kart, you get Toad’s famous Sneeker vehicle.

Sold by Amazon 

Best Hot Wheels Mario Kart accessories 

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Assortment

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Assortment

While Mario Kart has a great cast, the items and side characters are also important. Spice up the action by getting famous Mario Kart items like the Item Box, Blue Shell, Banana and so on. Each of these special items has its own tiny kart that is compatible with the Hot Wheels tracks. Best of all, these items are cheaper than the actual racers.

Sold by Amazon 

Best Hot Wheels Mario Kart themed tracks 

Best track with a stage hazard 

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Piranha Plant Slide Track Set

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Piranha Plant Slide Track Set

This is a track featuring a dangerous Piranha Plant that can devour the kart before it gets a chance to pass. Build the track and try to race around it before the Piranha Plant takes a chomp out of your racer. This track includes a die-cast Luigi kart, and the track is compatible with other tracks and racers.

Sold by Amazon

Best track incorporating a power-up 

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Bullet Bill Launcher and Mario Kart Vehicle

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Bullet Bill Launcher and Mario Kart Vehicle

This track includes a die-cast Mario Kart as well as a Bullet Bill power-up. Take your kart and try to launch it inside the Bullet Bill to recreate one of the most fast-paced, awesome power-ups in the franchise. This track is compatible with any Hot Wheels Mario Kart racer and makes an excellent toy for young Mario Kart fans.

Sold by Amazon 

Best Hot Wheels Mario Kart track for daredevils 

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Thwomp Ruins Track Set

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Thwomp Ruins Track Set

Take your chances and see if you are fast enough to get past the infamous Thwomp without getting squashed. This track has an ancient ruins theme and comes with a Thwomp and a die-cast Mario kart. Simply wind up the Thwomp and see if you are quick enough to not get squished.

Sold by Amazon


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The Stories Behind: The self-professed ‘car idiot’ turning heads with her Hong Kong minibus lookalike

SINGAPORE — From the elaborate modifications to turn her Suzuki van into a Hong Kong minibus lookalike, I had fully expected to be meeting up with a bona fide car geek when I got in touch with her for an interview. 

As it turned out, Ms Irene Soh was far from one. A pageant queen and former flight attendant, the 42-year-old had only gotten her driving licence last year and is a self-described “car idiot”.

“There was one day I wanted to pump my tyres and obviously I didn’t know how to do it and the (driving) school only taught you how to do it and you just watched,” she said.

“So instead of pumping my tyres I deflated them and I was trying very hard to tell myself, ‘Irene, don’t panic don’t panic’.” 

Yet, despite her cluelessness about cars, her modified van has turned heads and she has found herself invited to a car meet, albeit feeling extremely out of place among a sea of car enthusiasts.

On her TikTok page, clips of her modification process and adventures with her “minibus” garner tens of thousands of views each, with her top video closing in on 90,000 views.

“In Hong Kong, red tops tend to be privately owned. So they set their own routes and fares. But most importantly, their drivers are rude AF! Just like me,” she writes in one of them.

Remember when food delivery firm Foodpanda was on the hunt for a chief makan officer? 

Ms Soh won that competition in 2020 and continues to produce videos for Foodpanda promoting its services.

Or as she describes it: “Mainly for the role, me and my partner do a lot of video creation. Basically, I’m like a talent, he shoots and edits. So he does the hard jobs and I just look pretty — or try to look pretty!”

In an interview near her partner’s office at Pearl’s Hill Terrace in Chinatown last month, Ms Soh tells me she has never been into cars but wanted something unique for her first vehicle and settled on the design after she came across a small diecast model of a Hong Kong minibus.

“I love Hong Kong,” she said. “I speak Cantonese and when I was flying, Hong Kong used to be one of my favourite stations.”


The modifications cost about S$5,000 and took Ms Soh about two to three months to do because many parts had to be sourced herself or done on her own.

With a red painted top, pale yellow exterior and a signbox on the roof of the car to boot, her van looks just like a Hong Kong minibus from afar — barring the fact that her Suzuki Every is smaller than an average car while a minibus can seat up to 19 passengers.

Upon closer inspection though, the sign on the roof reads “sorry not in service” and in Mandarin, “never taking any customers”.

Getting into driver’s seat, Ms Soh gleefully shows me how a jingle set to the theme song of the beloved Japanese children’s animation Doraemon plays when the car reverses. 

The van is licensed as a commercial vehicle to her partner’s marketing firm MagiQuestions Consulting and is used to transport production equipment.

On weekends though, Ms Soh sometimes takes her three children, 17, 16 and 10, out for a picnic at the back of the van. 

In one TikTok video she filmed during a government-mandated vehicle inspection, she talks about “feeling like a rebellious student all over again” after having to make some tweaks to pass the checks.

She passed, but she had to remove her window tinting on the spot because it was too dim.


Driving around Singapore, she finds it fun to often get puzzled looks from onlookers before they realise that her van is not an actual minibus and break out in broad smiles and wave or give her a thumbs up.

“It really brings joy to people. They find it funny,” she said. “I’ve got people try to flag down this vehicle before.” 

Her modifications have also gotten her unwittingly dragged into the enthusiast car community after some members saw her van online. 

“Surprisingly people want to add me into the car community but I obviously know nothing about cars and I find it very difficult to relate if you tell me that I changed this exhaust and this car brakes or whatever.”

She attended a vintage car meet recently at Dempsey and immediately felt overwhelmed when car fans started chasing after her van as soon as she drove into the car park. 

“I believe I still had my P-plate on and was yelling, ‘P-plate! Don’t come so near can?’,” she said, referring to the probation plate new drivers have to display on their windscreens in the first year of getting their driving licence.

Then, she recounted an anecdote that really struck me how a seemingly small action could evoke strong emotions from someone of another community.

Once, while she was parked in Chinatown, an expatriate from Hong Kong came across her van and after googling the company name printed on it, got in touch with her via WhatsApp.

He told her he was so happy to see her van and asked if she was from Hong Kong. Although she said she wasn’t, he invited her to hang out with a group of other expats from the city who meet up every month.

While she has yet to join their gatherings, she drove up to them once so that they could take pictures of the van. 

“It’s actually very heartwarming to hear them say that they haven’t been home for two years because of Covid and seeing this van, it’s like part of home for them.”

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Tyler James Russell’s WHEN FIRE SPLITS THE SKY is an Apocalyptic, Psychological Road-Trip Thriller – Retail News Today

Tyler James Russell’s WHEN FIRE SPLITS THE SKY is an Apocalyptic, Psychological Road-Trip Thriller – Retail News Today – EIN Presswire

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Friday, November 18, 2022


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“A** Slides Right Out…” – Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Radical Suggestion on Basic American ‘Need’ Leads to Hilarious NASCAR Off-Season Banter

Dale Earnhardt Jr is a very well-known name around. Of course, his exploits while racing in NASCAR are a big reason for that fame, but Junior’s life hasn’t been limited to those days in NASCAR. Dale retired from full-time professional racing in 2017, yet ask someone who doesn’t follow NASCAR and they are most likely to name him.


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Since his retirement, Dale Jr has been involved in a lot of side hustles. The most renowned is obviously his Dale Jr Download podcast where he sits down with guests and discusses the hot topics in NASCAR. He has also been actively involved in calling races and sitting on the commentary panels.


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But there’s one more venture of his that you might not know about. Dale Jr invested in Sugarlands Distilling Co., and they came out with Junior’s own alcoholic beverage this year. They released High Rock vodka, which is an 88-proof vodka (a symbolic gesture as Dale Jr took the #88 car when he drove for Hendrick Motorsports).

His love for a “good time” is no news. A funny incident also came out during a podcast with Ty Norris. Norris said “I got a call from Tim Schuler from Budweiser one day, and Steve Uihlein, and they were like, ‘Hey, what’s going on over at Jr.’s house?’ And I said ‘What do you mean?’ Well, the local distributor just said, ‘The most beer I deliver to any retailer in the entire state of North Carolina is in Mooresville at Dale Jr.’s house.’”

“They said ‘Is he selling it?’ And you’re like ‘No, they’re drinking it.’He goes ‘How the hell is he drinking so much beer? We’re delivering case after case after case and there’s not a store in the area, in the region, that’s consuming as much beer,’” narrated a bemused Norris.

Dale Earnhardt Jr might have had Mountain Dew on his car, but the Budweiser Dale was another beast. Now we know why (wink!).

Dale Earnhardt Jr provides expert advice on bars

Dale Jr has a keen eye, and never shies away from giving his opinion about something; even if it might not strictly be his own domain.

Fans had some interesting responses to the tweet from Dale Jr


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Watch This Story: Kobe Bryant Meeting Paled in Comparison to NASCAR Driver’s Encounter With This Hollywood Star Once – “I’ll Never See Her Again”

Some fans had their own troubles to share with Dale Jr, while some offered great explanations as to why bar stools are designed that way. Do you have a different opinion about it? Let us know in the comments!

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