Civil War” Build A Scene

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been enjoying Funko’s take on their favorite films with a series of Pop! scenes that bring a variety of characters together to recreate an epic moment. This time, it’s Captain America: Civil War that’s taking the spotlight with 12 figures to create the airport battle scene.

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What’s Happening:

  • Funko fans are no strangers to the company’s frequent exclusive collaborations with Amazon so it’s no surprise that another assortment or Marvel Pop! figures are coming on the way.
  • In the past the companies have teamed up for collectible scenes that require fans to purchase multiple figures to bring a favorite moment to life such as the post-credits Shawarma moment from The Avengers as well as Sinister Six Spider-Man villains.
  • This year the Avengers are teaming up again (sorta) for the airport battle from Civil War and boy does this series sound like quite the commitment.
  • If you thought 6 Pop! figures were impressive, then 12 will surely blow your mind! Hyperbole aside, fans will be able to assemble both Team Cap and Team Iron Man for Funko’s take on the thrilling battle.

Assemble Your Team:

  • While only 2 figures have been revealed, the back of the box hints at who will appear and we assume the lineup will include:
    • Vision (Iron Man)
    • Hawkeye (Captain America)
    • Black Panther (Iron Man)
    • Black Widow (Iron Man)
    • Scarlet Witch (Captain America)
    • Winter Soldier (Captain America)
    • War Machine (Iron Man)
    • Ant-Man (Captain America)
    • Spider-Man (Iron Man)
    • Falcon (Captain America)
    • Iron Man
  • The 12th and final figure isn’t included on the back of the box, but the process of elimination leaves us with Captain America and since this is his film, you gotta figure the super soldier is going to show up.

Funko Civil War Airport Battle Series

It’s Team Cap against Team Iron Man and the stakes have never been higher for the Avengers. Shhh. They haven’t met Thanos yet, and that experience is going to be a real doozy! First up in the collection are Vision and Hawkeye. Each comes packaged in a standard Pop! window box that features the symbol of their team—either Iron Man’s Arc Reactor or Cap’s Shield—on the back “wall.”

Funko Pop! Marvel: Captain America: Civil War Build A Scene – Hawkeye, Amazon Exclusive, Figure 2 of 12 – $13.99

Funko Pop! Marvel: Captain America: Civil War Build A Scene – Vision, Amazon Exclusive, Figure 1 of 12 – $12.99

Where to Shop:

  • The Civil War Airport Battle Pop! figures will be available exclusively at Amazon. Characters are Bobble-Head figures and measure approximately 4.45-inches tall
  • Fans can pre-order the first two Pop!s: Vision and Hawkeye which sell for $12.99 and $13.99 respectively and are expected to release on February 1st.

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