December Box Office : 38 Films Released

It just so happens to be the weekend, month-end, and end of the year. Only three of the 38 films that were released in december were box office successes. In fact, the release of 38 movies in 31 days is a record. Hit2 by adivi sesh got popular. Both Sailesh Kolanu, the director, and Nani, the producer, have had success. Even though Matti Kusthi, a different movie that debuted on the same day, gained popularity, it struggled to hold audiences’ attention in theatres. The two movies, Nenevaru and Jallikattu, weren’t even up for debate.

There have been numerous releases in the second week, but Panchatantram, Gurtunda Seethakalam, and Mukhachitram have found some success. Although Panchatantram emotionally engaged the audience, a reasonable collection was not made. Satyadev’s Gurtunda Seethakalam was a complete failure. Another loser was Mukhachitram from the Geeta complex. Along with Avatar2, other movies like Sasanasabha and Akrosam debuted on december 16. avatar 2 achieved predicted success in multiplexes, B, and C centres.

Then, Connect by Nayanatara and Lathi by vishal have tasted bitter failures. Then followed Dhamala and 18 Pages, but only Dhamaka was successful. Sreeleela’s presence in the movie provided the year a strong conclusion. All of the movies released on the last friday of the month—Top Gear, S5, driver Jamuna, Lucky Lakshman, and Rajayoga—failed terribly. Only three of the 38 movies that were released this month—Hit2, avatar 2, and Dhamaka—were box office successes.

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