Film beats Vikrant Rona to become third-highest-grossing Kannada movie


Rishab Shetty’s blockbuster Kantara has shattered a box office record that many people believed was out of reach just three weeks after its release. The movie has surpassed two sizable productions starring Kannada superstars to rank among the top 3 highest-grossing Kannada movies ever. Furthermore, the movie is still doing well and may perhaps gain more popularity. 

According to trade sources, Kantara has around Rs 170 crore in international revenue by October 19, including an astonishing Rs 150 crore or more in earnings from India alone. This places it third among all Kannada movies that have ever made the most money. It has surpassed two major box office successes over the past two days, including James, the final movie from Puneeth Rajkumar  ( Rs 151 crore), and Kichha Sudeep’s Vikrant Rona (Rs 158 crore). Only KGF: Chapter 2 (Rs 1207 crore) and KGF: Chapter 1 remain ahead of it at the moment ( Rs 250 crore). 

On its twentieth day, Kantara was still running strong and had made Rs 10 crore (in all languages). Industry experts forecast that during its lifetime, it will easily surpass the Rs 200-core mark. 

The movie, incidentally, wasn’t initially heavily advertised outside of the state of Karnataka, but on Friday it was released in the north after word got out about how great it is. In an interview with India Today, Rishab Shetty  and claimed that the ‘divine’ aura associated with the movie is what has contributed to its success.  

He was quoted as saying, “The divine spirit and energy attached to the film has made it a blockbuster today. Also, the people of Karnataka who have promoted the film to their friends and the pride they feel is the reason behind the success of Kantara.”  

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Just before a day of its Telugu release, Prabhas took to his Instagram handle on Friday, October 14, and wrote, “Watched #Kantara for the second time and what an extraordinary experience it has been! Great concept and a thrilling climax. A must watch film in theatres!!!”. Hombale Films shared his post and wrote, “We are enamoured and humbled by your response Dearest @actorprabhas. With bated breath, we are waiting for the most violent man #Salaar.” 

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