First Disney100 Marvel Comics Variant Cover Now Available

In celebration of 100 years of The Walt Disney Company, Marvel will be releasing variant covers of upcoming comics, featuring some of your favorite Disney characters. The first cover, featuring Mickey and friends as the Avengers, is available now.

The new variant cover asks “What if Mickey and friends were Earth’s mightiest heroes?” and recreates the iconic “Avengers #4″ cover from 1964. Mickey of course takes on the role of Captain America, Goofy becomes Iron Man, Pluto and Minnie are Ant-Man and the Wasp and, of course, Donald is Thor. Daisy also makes an appearance, taking the role of Namor.

Of course, this isn’t actually a full comic featuring Mickey and friends as the Avengers. Fun as that would be, this is a variant cover for the recently released “Amazing Spider-Man #17,” which continues the ongoing “Dark Web” saga.

As it continues throughout the year, the variant program in honor of Disney100 will celebrate Marvel’s past, present, and future through the classic “What If” lens with a fantastic reimagining of Marvel’s most classic comic book covers. These first-of-their-kind art pieces will continue to see Disney’s iconic characters immersed in the magic of Marvel storytelling as they pay homage to legendary moments in the Marvel Comics mythos.

Several future covers have already been revealed, including variants of the groundbreaking debut issues of Fantastic Four and Incredible Hulk. With 12 covers in total, fans can look forward to a new Disney100 variant cover (also available in Black and White versions) hitting stands each month of 2023 at local comic book shops. Check out the first three designs here and the next three here.

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