First one was so bad, they’re making another! Marvel fans slam rumor of ‘Eternals 2’


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Marvel introduced a new team of superheroes in last year’s ‘Eternals’ and hoped that Chloe Zhao’s masterful directing will prove to be a masterstroke for the production. However, things didn’t move forward as they would have expected it to be and the movie turned out to be a failure at the box office. Apart from mediocre box office numbers, the movie was panned by critics for its screenplay and pacing, making it one of the lowest-rated Marvel films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Since then, there have been a lot of rumors swirling around the sequel and fans have been at the edge of their seats to get some kind of a confirmation from the production house itself.

In recent months, there have been a lot of contradictory statements made by some cast members of the movie. Earlier this year, Patton Oswalt, who played the role of Pip the Troll in the original movie, noted that the second ‘Eternals’ movie is already in works and he will be back as Pip the Troll in the upcoming title. On the other hand, Kumail Nanjiani said he doesn’t have any idea when his character, Kingo, or other ‘Eternals’ would be making another appearance in the MCU. However, fans have now spotted an exciting new update for the sequel and it seems that the new ‘Eternals’ movie is actually happening.



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A still from Marvel's 'Eternals'. (Eternals/Twitter)
A still from Marvel’s ‘Eternals’. (Eternals/Twitter)

According to the management agency of Ma Dong-seok, also known as Don Lee, the actor will reportedly be reprising the role of Gilgamesh in the potential sequel. The listing also suggests that the filming of ‘Eternals 2’ will start happening soon. The statement released by Big Punch Entertainment (via YTN) said, “As the production of drama ‘HIVE’ has become unclear, many works are being discussed to capture Ma Dong-seok, such as many movies and dramas scheduled for production next year.

The statement continued with all the details regarding the actor’s projects and ‘Eternals 2’ was listed as one of the star’s upcoming titles. The agency added, “Currently, Ma Dong-seok is filming ‘Criminal City 4’, ‘Holy Night: Demon Hunter’, ‘Wildmemes’, and ‘Criminal City 3’ are about to be released, and he also appears in and produces ‘Eternals 2’ and global projects, scheduled.”

As soon as the rumors surfaced online, fans started to express their disappointment and they were not afraid to say that they don’t want this movie to happen. One fan noted, “I usually love everything Marvel does but Eternals was not good at all why are we getting a second one.” Another fan tweeted, “Almost no one wants to see an Eternals sequel.” Another social media user wrote, “Please do not create an ETERNALS 2, the first one was complete trash.”





“I love the MCU but couldn’t even make it through The Eternals. Not sure why there would be a second one,” another user said. “Working title – Eternals 2: It Can’t Be Worse Than 1,” wrote another one. “This gonna be worst than Thor 4,” tweeted another person.




‘Eternals’ have been one of the most polarizing projects for Marvel and there was a lot of difference in how critics reviewed the movie and how fans perceived it. As per Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a critic rating of 47% and has an audience score of 77% on the aforementioned website.

However, it seems a certain section of fans don’t want to see ‘Eternals’ back on the big screen and they wouldn’t want to waste their time seeing a sequel to the 2021 movie. Let’s see if Marvel announces the sequel in the coming future or not, but as of now, these are just rumors.


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