Funko Reveals New Disney 100th Anniversary Celebration Pop Vinyls 


The new Funko Fair event has arrived and a massive assortment of new Disney Pops have been revealed celebrating 100 Years of Wonder

Disney is celebrating 100 Years of Wonder this year, and that is one mighty event that could be rewarded. We have already seen plenty of new collectibles debut for the event, and it looks like more are on the way from Funko. Funko has recently kicked off its yearly Funko Fair, which consists of plenty of new Pop Vinyl and Funko Soda reveals. Some of those reveals consisted of a massive assortment of Disney Pops from classics like Walt Disney and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Princess and the Frog and Encanto. The whole line-up of new Pops will consist of: 

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

  • Snow White (Cleaning) – Target Exclusive 
  • Snow White & Woodland Creatures – Pop Movie Posters


  • Little Mirabel (Glow in the Dark) 

Sleeping Beauty

Walt Disney 

  • Young Walt Target Exclusive 
  • Walt with Camera – Funko Shop Exclusive 
  • Walt Disney on Engine 

Mickey Mouse 

  • Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Car
  • Die-Cast Mickey Mouse
  • Die-Cast Mickey – All Metal Chase 


  • Cinderella 
  • Cinderella – Diamond Collection – Barnes & Noble Exclusive 

Princess and the Frog 

  • Princess Tiana 
  • Princess Tiana – Diamond Collection – Books-A-Million Exclusive 
  • Tiana and Prince Naveen Dancing – Movie Moment 


  • Queen Elsa 
  • Queen Elsa – Diamond Collection – PartyCity Exclusive 


  • Maria, Berlioz and Toulouse – Flocked 3-Pack – Walmart Exclusive 


  • Carl and Ellie – Movie Moment 


  • Flynn and Rapunzel – Movie Moment 

Mary Poppins 

  • Mary Poppins on Carousel 
  • Bert on Carousel 


Lilo & Stitch 

  • Reuben with Grilled Cheese – Books-A-Million Exclusive

This is an incredible set of Disney collectibles, even if you are not a fan of Funko or the Pop collectibles. The Movie Moments are delightful, the Movie Posters Series is brilliant, and Rebuen from Lilo & Stitch is nothing but pure fun. Funko continues to impress, and their Pops is getting more intricate as time goes on. That Wayfinder Moana is beautifully crafted and will make an excellent display piece for any Disney fan’s collection. Some of these Disney 100 Years of Wonder Pops are retailer exclusives, but all standard releases are set for an April 2023 release. Pre-orders are already live right here, and check the specific retailer to reserve your exclusive Pop as well. 

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