Harrison Ford Reportedly Cast as “Thunderbolt” Ross in Upcoming Marvel Film

It looks like Han Solo and Indiana Jones himself might be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Harrison Ford is reportedly taking over the role of “Thunderbolt” Ross for an upcoming Marvel film, according to /Film.

  • Marvel is reportedly recasting the role of “Thunderbolt” Ross, which was previously played by the late William Hurt, who passed away back in March.
  • Star Wars and Indiana Jones star is set to take over the role, adding yet another major franchise to his resume.
  • Ford’s version of the character will reportedly first appear in Captain America: New World Order before almost certainly having a role to play in the Thunderbolts film.
  • Ross has had a long connection with the Hulk and related characters and with The Leader set to debut in New World Order, it makes sense that Ross would appear there as well.
  • Of course, it goes without saying that “Thunderbolt” Ross should also have a role in Thunderbolts, as the character serves as a member of an iteration team in the comics after he becomes the Red Hulk.
  • Whether or not the Red Hulk is in the plans for the MCU though remains to be seen.
  • Ross, played by Hurt, has appeared in five previous MCU films:
  • Marvel has not yet confirmed the casting of Ford in this role.

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