“Hollywood” Rock was an absolute riot in 2003

The Rock’s run as “Hollywood Rock” in 2003 provided WWE fans with some of his absolute best comedic work.

The Great One’s run as a heel only lasted four months but from The Rock concerts to his underrated brilliance with The Hurricane, it was nonstop laugh out loud TV.

He kicked off this run in a feud with Hulk Hogan, who he mercilessly destroyed on an episode of Smackdown from the luxury of his hotel room.

The Rock and Hogan met for a second time in very different positions

The two men had of course met the year prior at WrestleMania 18 under very different circumstances; The Rock was a babyface and Hogan the leader of the NWO. After the match, the two men became allies and tagged on several occasions prior to both briefly stepping away from the ring.

Hogan was put in a match with The Rock at No Way Out by Vince McMahon, who was out to kill Hulkamania. Little did The Hulkster know what he was in for with this entirely new form of The Rock, who showcased his Hollywood lifestyle by meeting Hogan via video link.

Hogan looked to do his usual shtick of promising to beat The Rock before he was hilariously cut off by the Brahma Bull, who told his rival that he and the fans had had long days and could he fast forward to the part where he does “let me tell ya something brother” and so on.

He continued to roast Hulk who could barely get a word in. He further played up to his new movie star lifestyle by interrupting Hogan as his tofu had arrived. It’s honestly outright brilliant comedic work.

Take a look for yourself below (clip shared on Twitter by @WrestleClips)

VIDEO: Hollywood Rock was an absolute riot

Its for segments like this that The Rock is the funniest ever

Throughout The Rock shows why he is the most electrifying and entertaining man in sports and entertainment, and without doubt the funniest superstar in WWE history.

There is at least five lines that would go down as a best ever for any normal wrestler, but this was just routine work from The Rock.

The brilliance of his work is noted by fans in the comments left on the thread.

The Rock
The Rock
The Rock
The Rock
The Rock
The Rock

What’s next for The Rock?

If his schedule allows, The Rock will face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39 in what is sure to be one of the biggest matches in recent memory.

Expect more comedic brilliance from The Great One upon his return whenever it might be.

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