How To Unlock Wolverine In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

This article focuses on how to unlock Wolverine in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Despite some early encounters during the campaign, players have to traverse some of Marvel’s Midnight Suns in order to unlock Wolverine. To really unlock Wolverine in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, players have to do the “Changing the Face of Evil” quest in part two of the story, which should take players around 5-10 hours of playtime to accomplish. The mission will take place during part one of the second act of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, so needless to say, you are going to need some time before you can get Wolverine into your team.

How To Unlock Wolverine In Marvel's Midnight Suns

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While players will get to meet Wolverine a couple of times early on in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Logan is not available to recruit for quite some time. The first time you play as Wolverine is around 5-10 hours into the game The Best There Is main story mission, where he and Hunt team up to fight Sabretooth in the city of New York.

Wolverine makes a small appearance early on in the campaign, but unlocking Wolverine takes quite some time and grinding. Wolverine is one of the more iconic characters in the Marvel arsenal, and unlocking him can be difficult. Unlocking him is well worth the effort because you will be experiencing some awesome powers and abilities that can aid in your battles and quests.

You will have to make use of specific Wolverine traits and abilities in order to overcome the Wolverine’s Special Challenges. Unlocked is somewhat teased, as players would have effectively used Wolverine and the Wolverine cards during a quest before The Changing Face of Evil. When reaching the story’s main mission, Wolverine will appear to stop Sabretooth from achieving his evil plans.

How To Unlock Wolverine In Marvel's Midnight Suns

Credit @ Marvel

When that makeshift boss battle is over, Wizards of Magic gives you the lowdown on his Marvel, and Wolverine disappears for the bulk of the campaign. After having a conversation, Captain Marvel is unlocked and works well as both a tank and a damage dealer.

Once players have completed the primary objective, protecting the Avengers Tower, Captain America will become available to recruit. Players will assume the role of the Hunter, a new customizable superhero created specifically for Midnight Suns, in partnership with Marvel Comics. The so-called Midnight Sun Challenges are not only awesome for being named for Midnight Suns and your hero party, but also unlock legendary costumes and power cards for the heroes for whom you have completed a Challenge. Venom means Spider-Man is coming, Sabertooth means Wolverine, etc. While getting to the 13 heroes is fairly straightforward, players are going to have to keep an eye out and play through hours of matches in order to obtain their full list.

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