Kantara box office collection; Gravity defying run continues, Surpass 200 crores in India


Unimaginable, Unstoppable, Unprecedented – say it what you will, the gravity-defying box office run of Kantara continues. Diwali holidays have given another life to the film which was already on a historic trend, recording double-digit numbers on all three weekdays. Kantara crossed the Rs. 200 crores gross mark at the Indian box office yesterday, becoming only the second Sandalwood film ever to do so. The film has collected Rs. 62 crores approx in six days of the fourth week, with the full week expected to be around Rs. 70-72 crores, which will hardly be any drop from the previous week, despite having multiple new releases. 

The box office collections of Kantara at the Indian box office are as follows:

Week One – Rs. 26.75 crores
Week Two – Rs. 37.25 crores
Week Three – Rs. 75 crores

4th Friday – Rs. 7.25 crores
4th Saturday – Rs. 11.25 crores
4th Sunday – Rs. 12.75 crores
4th Monday – Rs. 10.50 crores
4th Tuesday – Rs. 10 crores
4th Wednesday – Rs. 10.25 crores

Total – Rs. 201 crores

In Karnataka, the film has collected Rs. 126 crores approx to date, with Rs. 28 crores coming from six days of the fourth week. The fourth week will be crossing the Rs. 30 crores mark, when no film has even grossed Rs. 10 crores in the fourth week. There is still no slowing down in sight for the movie yet, it shall go past Rs. 150 crores mark quite comfortably. KGF 2 looked like a long shot at the beginning of fourth week but now it looks almost achievable, though that will depend on how the film holds after the holiday period.

The Hindi version of the film is also rock steady, recording a jump in collections yesterday from the “day after Diwali” as the showings of the film increased. The second-week collections will be around 30 percent higher than the first week, it is likely that the third week has a very small drop as well. 

The territorial breakdown of the box office collections of Kantara is as follows:

Karnataka – Rs. 126 crores
AP / TS – Rs. 33 crores
Tamil Nadu – Rs. 3.75 crores
Kerala – Rs. 4.25 crores
North India – Rs. 34 crores

Total – Rs. 201 crores


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