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Image of our Firexo logo plastered along the side of the emergency services vehicle

Firexo x Knockhill Racing Circuit Emergency Response Vehicle

Image of the fire rescue team next to the emergency response vehicle

Knockhill Racing Circuit Emergency Response Team

Image of the Knockhill Racing Circuit 2022 racers on the motorsport magazine

Knockhill Racers on the Cover of BTCC Magazine

View of the extinguisher pump at the rear of the emergency response vehicle containing our Firexo liquid formula

Firexo Liquid Pump at The Rear of Our Knockhill Emergency Response Vehicle

We have come to the rescue to provide our ALL FIRES, ONE ANSWER extinguishers at the 2022 Knockhill Racing Circuit

UNITED KINGDOM, October 22, 2022 / — On a dry, overcast weekend in July, families and motor enthusiasts alike gathered at Dunfermline’s Knockhill Racing Circuit for the British Touring Cars Championship, more commonly referred to as the ‘BTCC’. We are proud to announce that we were made the trusted fire safety partner at the racing circuit, in the 2022 event. Our weekend spent at the BTCC saw our head of compliance attend as a guest, and whilst many people attended the iconic circuit to admire and marvel at the many vehicles competing, we, at Firexo, had our eye on one vehicle in particular; the Toyota Hi-Lux Active, with our name on it!

The BTCC is a motor racing championship for production-based touring cars held across England and Scotland. With the 65th season of the event well under way, we sent our Head of Compliance, David Scott, to attend on behalf of Firexo. Launched in 2018, our team at Firexo have been committed to achieving a common goal of improving fire firefighting techniques whilst increasing safety with our confusion-free, ALL FIRES solution. Our unique formula assists in removing the uncertainty the operator faces in the event of a fire, while reducing the time to extinguish it. Not only can we extinguish every class type of fire within moments, we also pride ourselves on our are attentiveness to incorporating environmental benefits within all our extinguishers through our use of ecologically fertilising and regenerative credentials.

No doubt you’re wondering what is so special and mention worthy, of named Toyota. Aside from its 4 wheel drive and 2.4 litre engine, we retrofitted the two axle rigid body with a fire pump. This pump supplied 210 litres of Firexo All FIRES liquid via its 50 meters of flat hose which ensured any fire was dealt with quickly and safely. The Toyota, more professionally known as the Emergency Response Stage Safety Unit – was sponsored by Firexo – providing fire cover for all race events. Manned by two trained motorsport fire marshals, the unit also housed a 9 litre portable Firexo handheld extinguisher.

As the excitement and anticipation grew at the event, the emergency response stage safety unit took a strategic position to ensure it was ready to protect not only the racetrack but the cars, their drivers, the spectators and the audience.

David Scott told us about his personal experience from his time at the event claiming that his “highlights were seeing the Firexo vehicle ‘on the run’ at the live Motorsport event.” He continued to say he also enjoyed “the grid walk which allowed me to get up close and personal with the drivers and BTCC cars, plus the ‘paddock passes’ who allowed me to access all areas before and after each race.”

Racing enthusiasts were also pleased to see local BTCC heroes Gordon Shedden and Rory Butcher in attendance and the crowd delivered plenty of enthusiasm and support.

On the day, Jake Hill qualified as the fastest in his BMW 330e M Sport and went on to secure 1st, 2nd and 2nd in the 3 races with the BMW 330e M Sport car, occupying 2 out of 3 spaces on the podium, in all 3 races.

Our time at Knockhill Racing Circuit 2022 was a memory we will cherish and, despite no fire incidents, we had an eventful time regardless and we were honoured to have the Firexo Emergency Response Stage Safety Unit providing fire cover for the spectacle.

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