Kushi Re-release 1st day Box office collections – All Time

The re-release of kushi sparked unprecedented joy and elation among fans. The event was a huge success thanks to the throngs of fans from all over who flocked to theatres to see classic Pawan Kalyan! As a result of the love drama’s 2001 debut, which created a tonne of new trends, pawan kalyan gained a cult following among viewers. Additionally, according to producer AM Ratnam, there won’t be a single day of release and there will be performances to occupy the time between new releases.

The movie has significantly eclipsed Pawan Kalyan’s jalsa records and established new standards for re-releases. The movie has a gross of 1.63Cr in Nizam and 45L in Ceeded. The total revenue in Andhra (6 Territories) is Rs. 1.5 Cr. If we look at all of the telugu states together, the movie has made about 3.6Cr in box office revenue, and it has made about 50L from the rest of india and beyond. The total first-day revenue for the kushi re-release is 4.1 Cr, an astounding sum.

As this movie has generated some enough numbers now the makers are planning to re-release Tholiprema on Valentine’s Day as well and we might get an official nod soon from PK too! 

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