Marvel Artist Draws the Spider-Man Family in Casual Street Gear

Acclaimed Marvel cover artist In-Hyuk Lee drew the Spider-Man family hanging out together in causal street gear.

Lee posted the illustration on his Twitter account, where he has been updating the drawing every few days with new character additions. The latest addition is Scarlet Spider / Ben Reilly, who can be seen walking side-by-side with Spider-Man / Peter Parker. Other heroes and villains featured in the photo include Night Spider / Felicia Hardy (who made her debut in the recent Edge of Spider-Verse series), Carnage, Spider-Ham / Peter Porker, Silk / Cindy Moon, Venom, Spider-Man / Miles Morales and Ghost-Spider / Gwen Stacy.

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Lee’s art comes as Spider-Man celebrates his 60th anniversary since his debut in Amazing Fantasy #15 in 1962. To celebrate the occasion, Marvel relaunched The Amazing Spider-Man with writer Zeb Wells and artist John Romita Jr., debuting the series’ 900th issue this past July. Marvel also launched Spider-Man, a second ongoing series starring the Wall-Crawler from writer Dan Slott and artist Mark Bagley. Meanwhile, the Amazing Fantasy #1000 anthology one-shot brought together top talent, including Slott, Romita Jr., Ryan Stegman, Jonathan Hickman, Marco Checchetto, Kurt Busiek, Neil Gaiman, Olivier Coipel and Jim Cheung, among others.

There are also several upcoming limited series planned for the coming months, including Gold Goblin, Mary Jane & Black Cat: Beyond, Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man and Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt. This is on top of the other Spider-Man ongoing series currently running, including Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Venom and Carnage.

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Spider-Man will also be at the center of the Dark Web crossover, which will begin this December with Dark Web #1. Ben Reilly, who is now going by Chasm, and Madelyne Pryor / Goblin Queen will serve as the main villains for the event, which will tie into Venom, Gold Goblin and Mary Jane & Black Cat: Beyond. It will also feature two companion series: Dark Web: X-Men and Dark Web: Ms. Marvel.

Lee is known best for his covers and has recently illustrated variants for A.X.E: Judgement Day #5, X-Terminators #1, Predator #1, Gambit #1, X-Men #12 and Venom #8. He also drew the main covers for Devil’s Reign: Omega #1 and five issues of Silk (2022).

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