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Vadodara: The walk-in aviary in the Kamatibaug Zoo was formally inaugurated on Saturday. The facility which is only the second of its kind in the state will soon be opened for visitors too.
The aviary was planned in 2018 and included in the budget of the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) in the same year. Work began a couple of years ago and completed recently following which the order for birds for the project was placed.
Zoo curator Pratyush Patankar said that the entire aviary is spread in an area of around 7,000 sq m. This included 5,500 sq m of the walk-in aviary. The vertical height of the aviary at the peak is 26 m.
Patankar said the aviary has eight sections in all. These include the walk-in aviary and seven other sections. The walk-in aviary is also divided in two parts from the inside. Patankar said that the aviary has been divided into the sections based on taxonomical grouping. So far, the aviary has around 75 species of birds and around five more are expected. The zoo is targeting 80 species in the near future. Nearly 500 birds exist in the aviary and the number is expected to rise further as more birds arrive.
The walk-in aviary is expected to be opened for public after three to four days.
Patankar said that the exotic birds in the walk-in aviary need some time to settle down and get used to the space.
Once the birds are comfortable in their new environment, visitors will be allowed inside the aviary.

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