Marvel releases new clips from Black Panther’s Wakanda Forever. Watch them here

Wakanda Forever: Black Panther is less than two weeks away, and there’s palpable excitement about the movie. Fans can’t wait to see the sequel and discover the next MCU secrets that Marvel is ready to reveal. Wakanda ForeverMarvel has already released trailers and clips indicating that the film will pay tribute to Chadwick Boleman.

With Boseman gone, someone else will take his place as the protector of Wakanda, and we think we’ve found a big twist in the Black Panther 2Marvel teaser promos. However, not all clips should contain spoilers or reveal details. Marvel released several extended scenes just from Wakanda ForeverThey provide interesting information about the plot but aren’t necessarily spoilers.

You should avoid MCU trailers, TV advertisements, and footage from upcoming adventures. big Wakanda ForeverSpoilers may be found below.

Namor discovers Wakanda in his first foray

We’ve been discussing Namor (Tenoch Huerta) ever since the first Wakanda Forever trailer confirmed that he’d be a villain in the Black Panther sequel. That’s because this mutant might not be as evil as we think. Huerta spoke out in interviews, but did not give any details.

Marvel is known for misleading its viewers with its trailers, clips, and other media. Wakanda ForeverIt is the same.

This clip features Namor’s first encounter with Wakanda. You can watch the clip below On Jimmy Kimmel LiveHuerta was a guest at the hotel.

Namor (Tenoh Huerta) appears in first Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer.
Namor (Tenoch Huerta) appears in first Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer. Image source: Marvel Studios

This scene shows us the first encounter between Namor, Ramonda and Shuri (Letitia Wing). The two women already perceive him as a threat, even though the conflict between the two countries hasn’t started yet.

Namor seems incredibly excited about Wakanda’s discovery. And he’s perplexed that Wakanda is willing to share all of its riches with the world. This scene must appear in the film’s early scenes before Namor decides that he will move against Wakanda.

We see Namor introduce himself quite ominously. He tells the two that his enemies call him Namor, and we’re not even in a state of war between the two civilizations.

The Wakanda Forever clip is very short, and it’s right at the beginning of the video below. You can also check out Kimmel’s interview with the actor about making Black Panther 2.

Wakanda ForeverClip showing invasion

Next exclusive Wakanda ForeverClip Online release of FandangoIt is even more exciting. This video is titled Wakanda DefendsThe actual invasion of Wakanda is shown. Namor and his Talocans storm Wakanda using water to flood and stun the opposition.

Shuri, who is flying an advanced spaceship to repel the enemies, is shown in action. Meanwhile, the Dora Milaje fight on the ground, with M’Baku (Winston Duke) also engaged in the defense. This indicates the attack wasn’t exactly a surprise for Wakanda.

M’Baku (Winston Duke) fighting Namor (Tenoch Huerta) in Wakanda Forever trailer.
M’Baku (Winston Duke) fighting Namor (Tenoch Huerta) in Wakanda Forever trailer.

Namor doesn’t appear in this clip, but we know from other Wakanda Forever trailers and teasers that he’ll also be in this fight.

In previous Wakanda ForeverNamor attempted to negotiate with the powerful nation in teasers and clips. Namor was curious if Wakanda would be an allie or a foe. This indicates that Namor may be facing a greater threat from Wakanda than Black Panther.

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