Marvel Sinister 6 Funko Pop Sale Spotted: Doc Oc, Vulture, Mysterio, and More

After months of anticipation, the Marvel Sinister 6 series finally finished with a bang in October with its final character, Spider-Man. In December 2021, it all kicked off with Doctor Octopus, and then, Vulture in January, followed in April by Sandman. 

Buyers Get to Choose Different Funko Pops with Six Top Formats

Then, June saw Mysterio appear before Electro and Kraven the Hunter landed in August. Finally, October was reserved for Spider-Man. When combined, these six figures make an impressive scene that’s truly “Beyond Amazing.” 

Now that the series is complete, fans scramble to get their hands on the figures. If fans haven’t started building their Sinister Six collection, now would be perfect, as many of the figures are on sale. 

All six are available in various formats, meaning there’s something for everyone. Not every day do fans get to complete a fantastic series like this, and the figures in the Sinister Six collection are worth it for any collector.

The Series Started in December 2021 with Doc Oc

Funko fans can now finish up their collection of the Amazon-exclusive Sinister Six series. This series began in December 2021 with Doctor Octopus, which was completed in October with Spider-Man to form a scene “Beyond Amazing.” 

With Vulture, Sandman, Mysterio, Electro, and Kraven the Hunter all joining the mix, this series was one of the most anticipated of the year. Each of the characters featured in the series has received its own unique touch. 

Doctor Octopus looks like he’s been plotting his evil plans, while Vulture swoops in with his wings ready to take off. Sandman is a behemoth of a figure, while Mysterio shows off his magical abilities the best way he knows how. 

The Completed Series Lets Fans Start Collecting

Electro is ready to zap his enemies with a blast of electricity and Kraven the Hunter claws at the air in search of his prey. The scene is further rounded out with the appearance of a determined Spider-Man flanked by the Sinister Six. 

Now that the series is complete, many of the figures are now available for purchase at discounted prices. This is a great chance for Funko fans to purchase their piece of the Ravencroft puzzle and create a “Beyond Amazing” scene in their homes.

An article by Comic Book shares the different Marvel Sinister 6 options that buyers can choose from.

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Here are the Top Marvel Sinister 6 Funko Pop Deals:

The Doctor Octopus

The Vulture

The Sandman

The Mysterio

The Electro

The Kraven

The Spider-Man

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