Marvel’s Most Powerful Avenger Is Now an Elderly Woman

One of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ most powerful superheroes suddenly finds she’s become an elderly woman in Marvel Comics’ Avengers #61.

The following contains spoilers for Avengers #61, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

Starbrand, one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ most powerful superheroes, becomes an elderly woman in the final pages of Marvel’s Avengers #61.

Avengers #61 comes from writer Jason Aaron, artist Ivan Fiorelli, color artist David Curiel and letterer VC’s Cory Petit. In the issue, Starbrand/Brandy Selby is continuing to age at a rapid rate as she joins Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in pursuing Mephisto into various time periods. While the Avengers may not have wanted Starbrand to join in the fight due to all the unknowns surrounding her powers and rapid aging, Starbrand finds her way into the battle nonetheless.

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Finding herself in 1868, Starbrand grabs Mephisto, flies into the air and begins repeatedly punching him, an action that Mephisto seems to be pleased by. “I am the Starbrand,” Brandy narrates as she continues attacking her foe. “That’s the only name I’ve ever had. My mother didn’t live long enough to give me another. Not everyone gets to be around as long as Thor. Sometimes you’re just a mayfly surrounded by gods. But my mother lived long enough to make a difference. To leave a mark. What more can anyone ask for? I love you, momma.”

Marvel’s Avengers Enter Into a New Era

As Starbrand continues to unleash the “full extent of her power,” as Namor puts it, the rest of the Avengers suddenly find themselves transported to the prehistoric era. Noticing Brandy isn’t among them, the heroes look around for their ally only to see a somewhat unfamiliar face standing nearby. “It was easy,” the figure says as she approaches. “I just…punched our way here. But Mephisto…He’s not finished. So…I think you know what that means…What happens now…Avengers Assemble.”

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The issue then reveals Brandy’s extreme use of her powers has taken a toll, as she’s now an elderly woman who may not have much longer to live if she continues to exert herself. “A few weeks ago, I was sleeping in a crib,” she narrates. “Now I’m here, at the cradle of the world. With Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. And one last chance to save all of reality. Feel like I’ve still got a couple good punches left in me. I plan on making them count.”

Avengers #61 features cover art by Javier Garrón and Curiel and variant cover art by Humberto Ramos and Edgar Delgado. The issue is on sale now from Marvel.

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