NCIS: LA’s LL Cool J On Why The Upcoming Three-Show Crossover Feels Like A Marvel Event

Fans of the NCIS franchise are going to be in for a treat when all three shows cross over for one major event for the first time ever. Hawai’i star Vanessa Lachey recently discussed what she thinks fans will love most about the crossover, and LA’s LL Cool J has now explained that the crossover feels like a Marvel event. But how so?

A three-show crossover in the NCIS franchise has been a long time coming. While the flagship series has done a couple of events with Hawai’i already, fans have been itching for a bigger one that features the Los Angeles crew. They’re getting more than they bargained for with all three series coming together apparently, as LL Cool J told EW that it’ll mirror a Marvel Cinematic Universe production. The veteran star chocks this up to the sheer amount of characters and personalities involved:

It felt like we’ve been doing that for years together, not as separate groups. That’s pretty special. There’ll be action. There’ll be thrills. There’ll be rollercoaster rides. All of the chills and the fun and the craziness that they are used to, but seeing how the personalities interact — it’s like how Batman and Superman interact, or in the Marvel Universe, how all the different superheroes interact. Seeing these characters from the NCIS-verse come together and the way they communicate and connect is going to be interesting, and I think fans will be excited about that.

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