Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham Revisit a Classic Hero in Marvel’s Miracleman: The Silver Age #1

  • Miracleman The Silver Age #1 cover

    Miracleman: The Silver Age #1

    Neil Gaiman

    Mark Buckingham

    Todd Klein

    Cover Artist:
    Mark Buckingham



    Release Date:

    Jordie Bellaire

Time truly is the great equalizer. Now, after a decades-long hiatus, Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham are finally getting the opportunity to finish what they started in the late ’80s. The two legendary creators are joined by colorist Jordie Bellaire and letterer Todd Klein in Miracleman: The Silver Age #1, a modern update to their original story with a few extra additions to sweeten the deal for new and old readers. This issue is a wonderful reminder of how important a figure Miracleman is.

Miracleman: The Silver Age #1 is all about the awakening of Dickie Dauntless, aka Young Miracleman. He is overwhelmed by the new world of the 21st century, as everything has changed substantially since the 1960s. It’s up to Miracleman to fill in the gaps in Dickie’s memories and bring him up to speed. As his education progresses, Dickie is forced to confront some painful truths.

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It should come as no surprise that Gaiman can write well. Even though this story was written years ago, there’s still a recognizable combination of high-concept fantasy and trademark wit on every page. Gaiman spends the bulk of the issue filling in the blanks for readers about the history of the Miracleman Family. That said, Miracleman: The Silver Age #1 isn’t an easy read for fans who are unfamiliar with Miracleman. Gaiman does his best to recreate the character’s origin, but there’s almost too much to cover in a single issue. It might be a good idea for newer readers to get caught up on Miracleman by at least reading Miracleman #0 before diving into the new series.

Buckingham has gone back and edited some of his pages while also expanding on certain ideas. Buckingham includes some of his older and newer pieces to show fans how much has changed since the original release. He has updated character designs and augmented other sections of the story to add emphasis to important elements. His iconic approach to the character looks as polished and exciting today as it did when the original series was first published.

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Jordie Bellaire and letterer Todd Klein bring a contemporary aesthetic to the pages of Miracleman: The Silver Age #1. Bellaire’s colors pay tribute to the silver age with their bright and vibrant colors while still looking like they belong in 2022. Similarly, Klein doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel but ensures the comic’s lettering looks modern and easy on the eye.

Miracleman: The Silver Age #1 is akin to a re-recorded album; it’s familiar, but there are noticeable changes to those who hung onto every moment before. Undoubtedly, fans of the original run will be clamoring to sink their teeth into this story once again to see how it concludes. For those who are discovering the series for the first time, this might be a tough sell without any previous context of the Miracleman Family. Some additional reading and research will most certainly be required here.

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