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Noah” Rapture with God chosen people.

JAMAICA, January 17, 2023 / — “Noah’s Rapture With Thousands of People Inside The Ark.”

Marshall compares the rapture to the ark, which many believe is where Noah and his family went up more than 7000 feet during the great flood in the Bible. This new work disrupts the long-held belief about the ark being filled with animals; and how it compares to the story of the coming of Christ saying, when he comes he will gather his people and he will put the sheep on the right and goat on the left. He will then take God’s chosen people high up into the heavens away from the fire and closer to God, so was it in the days of Noah with the flood.

Moses the author of Genesis, would frequently use the term animals in telling Bible stories. The Bible never used the names of the animals inside the ark, but it did use animals to characterize the various types of people inside the ark with Noah. Clean animals symbolize moral people, and unclean animals symbolize immoral people. Our God is not zoo keeper he made animals as food and clothing for man and to be used as sacrifice.

The Bible establishes that they were good and bad people before the flood. Marshall continues by exploring the Nephilim who were before and after the flood, Adam’s descendants, who were men of renowned great honor, fame, and respect. The Bible referrers to these men as Sons of God who married the daughters of men, because they were so beautiful, and had children with them. The Bible explains that as men grew in number, they became more wicked. As a result, God sent a flood to destroy them.

Marshall’s interpretation of the Bible portrays a complete shift in the mindset of many Christians. His works represent a departure from the church’s traditional teachings and encourage them to think outside of the box when interpreting biblical verses.

As his readership grows, few believe his ideas are outlandish. Others who have always had questions have read his book ‘Adam and Eve Were Not Naked’ which is an excellent introduction to viewing Genesis and the Bible with new eyes.

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