Pre-‘Black Panther Weekend Box Office Weekend Gets $18.5 million More from ‘Black Adam”

Warner Bros./DC’s “Black Adam”The No. For one more weekend, the No. 1 box office spot will remain vacant until the release of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”Friday saw an additional $18.5 million, bringing the domestic total to $137.9 million.

The chances of a Chinese release are diminishing. “Black Adam” continues to follow the box office path of last year’s Marvel film “Eternals,”They are almost identical domestic cumes. This is a continuing trend. “Wakanda Forever” siphons off a huge portion of the film’s audience, “Black Adam”The final domestic total is projected to be around $164 Million and $400,000,000 worldwide.

While “Eternals” was disappointing for the MCU, the franchise’s established popularity likely means that the future of the Eternals in later films isn’t in question. But for DC, which is counting on new CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran to chart out a new vision, there’s no telling exactly how these middling box office numbers will affect Dwayne Johnson’s ambitious plans for his antihero, including a teased showdown with Henry Cavill’s Superman.

Superman Actor Henry Cavill Is ‘Looking Very Forward’ to Meeting DC Studios’ James Gunn

The sole new release on this pre-Marvel weekend is Sony/Crunchyroll’s “One Piece Film Red,” unsurprising considering how Crunchyroll’s franchise anime releases make the overwhelming majority of their box office gross on opening weekend.

Crunchyroll has seen its opening weekend haul grow with recent success like “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero,”And “One Piece”The opening of the movie is also impressive with a $9.4million opening at 2,410 theaters, an increase from the $1.3million. “One Piece: Stampede”Produced from an event release in 2019.

Universal’s “Ticket to Paradise”It is third with $8.5million in its third weekend. This continues to be a respectable run with a $46.7million domestic total and $137 million global total, compared with a $60 million budget. It appeals to older audiences. “Ticket”You may be able to continue to avoid sharp weekend drops, even with “Wakanda Forever”In theaters

Paramount’s “Smile”Is at the No. 4 slot in its sixth weekend of theaters, earning $4million to bring its domestic total up to $99 million. “Smile” will join Jordan Peele’s “Nope” as the second horror film this year to top $100 million domestically, having already pass that film’s global total with $202 million worldwide. Lionsgate’s “Prey for the Devil”It finishes the top 5 with $3.8million in its first weekend, giving the horror movie a $13.8million 10-day total.

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