Sardar box office collections; Holds well after Diwali holidays

Sardar had a good hold on its first working day after the Diwali holiday period on Wednesday. The film grossed Rs. 4.75 crores approx, taking its running total to nearly Rs. 45 crores approx. Even though the holidays were officially over on Tuesday, there was still some holiday leftover demand to be seen yesterday, especially in the smaller centers as they held much better than the bigger centers like Chennai, collecting higher numbers than they did on opening day. 

The box office collections of Sardar at the Indian box office are as follows:

Friday – Rs. 6 crores
Saturday – Rs. 7 crores
Sunday – Rs. 8 crores
Monday – Rs. 10.25 crores 
Tuesday – Rs. 8.50 crores
Wednesday – Rs. 4.75 crores

Total – Rs. 44.50 crores

Sardar largely followed the box office trajectory of another Karthi Diwali release Kaithi during the holiday period whilst collecting at higher levels. However, Kaithi’s holds were stronger after the holidays, as it went on to collect Rs. 50 crores in Tamil Nadu after just Rs. 2.40 crores opening day. Sardar currently stands at Rs. 30 crores approx in Tamil Nadu and will be completing the first week at around Rs. 33 crores. It shall comfortably cross Rs. 50 crores mark, possibly reaching around Rs. 60 crores, becoming Karthi’s biggest grosser in the state in a lead role.

The territorial breakdown of box office collections of Sardar in India is as follows:

Tamil Nadu – Rs. 29.75 crores
AP/TS – Rs. 10.50 crores
Karnataka – Rs. 2.75 crores
Kerala – Rs. 1.10 crore 
North India – Rs. 40 lakhs

Total – Rs. 44.50 crores

The other Diwali release Prince crashed after the Diwali holidays, dropping nearly 70 percent in Tamil Nadu on Wednesday. The film has collected Rs. 22 crores approx in Tamil Nadu in six days and will struggle to reach Rs. 30 crores in the full run.

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