Sukhoi Su-57 Fighter Aircraft “Russian Air Force” (2022) with 4 KH-59MK2 missiles “Air Power Series” 1/72 Diecast Model by Hobby Master


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    • Brand new 1/72 scale diecast model of Sukhoi Su-57 Fighter Aircraft “Russian Air Force” (2022) with 4 KH-59MK2 missiles “Air Power Series” die cast model by Hobby Master.
    • Brand new box.
    • Detailed exterior.
    • True-to-scale detail.
    • Includes display stand.
    • Officially licensed product.
    • Includes missile accessories.
    • Manufacturer’s original unopened packaging.
    • Dimensions approximately Length- 11, Wingspan- 7.75 inches.
    • Diecast metal and plastic construction for durability and a heavy, realistic feel.
    • It is a highly detailed and accurate model, perfect for collectors and enthusiasts of military history.
    • Realistic panel lines, antennas, access panels, and surface details for an authentic representation of the real-life airplane.
    • The SU-57 Stealth Fighter, operated by the Russian Air Force, is a cutting-edge fifth-generation aircraft that combines advanced stealth capabilities with superior maneuverability and state-of-the-art technology. Introduced in 2022, this formidable aircraft has already made its mark in various conflicts and military operations.
    • Equipped with four KH-59MK2 missiles, the SU-57 is capable of engaging both air and ground targets with remarkable precision and lethality. Its advanced stealth features, including radar-absorbent coatings and reduced infrared signatures, allow it to operate undetected in hostile environments, giving it a significant advantage over its adversaries.
    • The SU-57 has been deployed in several conflicts, including regional conflicts and counterterrorism operations. Its versatility and advanced capabilities make it a formidable force in both air-to-air and air-to-ground engagements. With its cutting-edge avionics, integrated systems, and powerful engines, the SU-57 ensures air superiority and provides critical support to ground forces.
    • This 1:72 scale model captures the essence of this state-of-the-art aircraft. Every detail, from its sleek design to the intricately molded missiles, has been meticulously crafted to replicate the real-life counterpart. Displaying this model proudly in your collection showcases your appreciation for the latest advancements in military aviation technology.
    • Immerse yourself in the world of modern warfare with the SU-57 Stealth Fighter model. This meticulously crafted replica allows you to admire the intricate details and sleek lines of this advanced aircraft. Whether you are a collector, aviation enthusiast, or simply intrigued by the latest military technology, the SU-57 model is a must-have addition to your collection. Experience the power and sophistication of the SU-57 and relish the pride of owning a piece of aviation history.
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    Dimensions 12 × 10 × 6 cm