The Best ‘Marvel Snap’ Cerebro Decks For Climbing The Ladder

I tend to write these deck lists for Marvel Snap based on whatever good new cards I get, and after a few dozen pulls, I finally landed Cerebro, which may not be the top basis for a meta deck, but it’s still strong, and some versions don’t require Series 4 or 5 cards to work, though they may certainly help.

The general idea of a Cerebro deck in Marvel Snap is to have most of your cards have the same level of power. In this case, we’re doing Cerebro 2 power and Cerebro 3 power decks. That means once Cerebro comes out, all your cards with that power will get +2. This can be duplicated by Mystique, and enhanced by Blue Marvel.

So, here’s Cerebro-2 to start:

  • 1 – Iceman – To mess up combos and annoy them
  • 1 – Korg – To mess up draws and annoy them
  • 1 – Nightcrawler – Allows flexibility on the board once he’s a 1/4 or 1/5 and can hop around.
  • 2 – Goose – Because you only have one card above 3 power in this whole deck.
  • 2 – Invisible Woman – A good place to stash your buff cards like Cerebro or Mystqiue
  • 2 – Scorpion – A 2 power card to further reduce your enemy’s power
  • 3 – Cerebro – The core fixture
  • 3 – Mystique – Will duplicate Cerebro’s effect when played after
  • 3 – Brood – Works the same as a Surfer deck where all three of these will give buffs at 2 power
  • 3 – Mr. Fantastic – He’ll be buffed, plus that bonus two power on both sides.
  • 3 – Storm – With Brood and buffs, will own her lane
  • 5 – Blue Marvel – For mass buffs at the end.

And if you want to go up a notch, here’s Cerebro-3, but it’s a bit harder to pull off, and there are two extremely rare card in the mix here.

  • 1 – Hawkeye – An odd pick until you remember he’ll go up to 3 power once you play him.
  • 2 – Armor – Protection for messing with destroy decks
  • 2 – Scarlet Witch – For sapping annoying land areas that mess up the power level of your heroes
  • 2 – Sentinel – Non-stop 3 power production
  • 3 – Cerebro – The backbone
  • 3 – Mystique – The duplicator
  • 3 – Cosmo – For messing with Wongs and other combos
  • 3 – Killmonger – For nuking one drops, just try to protect Hawkeye
  • 4 – Absorbing Man – Yeah, getting into rare cards here. Replace him with Shang-Chi if you don’t have him.
  • 4 – Spider-Man – For messing with their side of the board and winning a lane on turn 5, potentially
  • 5 – Magik – Get more of your buffed 3 drops on the board for turn 7
  • 6 – Valkyrie – The perfect card for this as she sets everything in a lane to 3 power, meaning you will win it with Cerebro buffs, but she’s super rare. Replace her with Blue Marvel if you don’t have her.

So there you go. Put the cards on the board, buff them, double buff them, enjoy.

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