The Best ‘Marvel Snap’ Silver Surfer Deck For The New Season

A brand new season of Marvel Snap has arrived, and with it, one major Marvel figure that had previously not been in the game. That would be Silver Surfer, who arrives as a brand new 3 energy, 0 power card that does the following:

On Reveal: Give your other 3-cost cards +3 power

So, while he’s not inherently strong on his own, he’s meant to buff your entire team. It’s important to note this is not an ongoing effect like Kazar or Patriot, but rather a one-time buff on reveal like Spectrum to those 3-cost cards, so you’re probably going to want to play him toward the end of the game.

What’s the best deck for Silver Surfer’s buffing potential? Cruising around pool 3 now, here’s probably the best set-up I’ve seen so far, though we are like, 12 hours into the meta, so things are subject to change, of course.

1 – Nova – You will blow him up to buff everyone later

2 – Angela – Even after the nerf, one of the best two drops you can have, and with this deck full of lower cost cards, she should see a lot of power gains

2 – Goose – Great for controlling the board and forcing a lane to bow to your 3 power superiority

3 – Brood – Probably the single best card to pair with surfer as it’s three cards to be buffed by him for the price of one

3 – Cosmo – Further control by shutting down an On Reveal lane to counter Wongs or Zolas or what have you, plus doggo gets buffed by Surfer

3 – Silver Surfer – Duh

3 – Maximus – Yes, your opponent drawing cards is not great, but you can play him on the last turn where it won’t matter sometimes, or he will almost assuredly make you win a Storm lane.

3 – Storm – Storm is a great card in many decks, but especially here because you have options like Brood or Maximus to help win her lane, plus she herself will get Silver Surfer’s buff.

3 – Polaris – Lane disruption plus the ability to turn into a 3/8 after Surfer’s buff.

3 – Killmonger – Nuke your own Nova to buff everything on the board, plus all your enemy’s one drops, plus he’s going to get Surfer power. A lot of utility in one card here.

4 – Wong – You can plant Surfer next to Wong for +6 instead of +3 buffs at the end

5 – Sera – The key card here which will allow you to drop three 3 energy cards on turn six, including Surfer himself.

So, that’s the plan. Now all I need is to be able to pull Brood and Sera so I can…make my own deck here. Sigh. Also, I know there are a lot of decks with Bast since his ability to make everything 3 power perfectly synergizes with Surfer, but as a Series 5 card, I think barely anyone has him, so I’m not going to base a deck around him just yet.

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