The Broken, Two-Card ‘Marvel Snap’ Combo That Can Auto-Win You A Lane

I’ve endorsed the game, I’ve written about some starter decks. Now it’s time to get deeper into advanced tactics. And by that I mean abusing a seemingly mathematically broken two card combo that will auto-win you a lane in two turns, most of the time.

This recommendation comes from reader Christian Angeles, who turned me onto the combo that most veteran Marvel Snap players may already know, but it’s good to know for newer players. And I suspect it may get adjusted in the future.

The combo involves two cards, one a starter, Iron Man, and one you should get pretty early in your collection journey, Onslaught.

Iron Man has an incredibly useful Ongoing effect to double power at a location. Onslaught has his own Ongoing effect to double the Ongoing effects of other cards.

Pair them together and shenanigans ensue.

Something is weird with the interaction here. Putting the two of them by themselves together, you will get baseline 28 power with just those two cards. 7×2 = 14, then double that again, 28. Any other cards here will increase it further.

But where things get really wild is if you play this combo in Onslaught’s Circle, a zone where Ongoing effects are doubled…again. Here, I have literally no idea how the match starts to work, but you will suddenly leap into the thousands of power as some sort of infinite feedback loop triggers when things are doubled then re-doubled and we get an exponential increase.

Christian, the person who told me about this, says this combo is starting to become so well known that people are using Scarlet Witch to zap the land to prevent the thousand power that’s about to land there.

This is not a particularly hard combo to pull off. Iron Man on turn 5, Onslaught on turn 6, if there’s an open space in the lane. It’s not a way to “auto win” the whole game necessarily, as obviously you need control of at lease one other lanes and there’s a lot of RNG at play when it comes to all the properties of the land, but it’s worked more times than it hasn’t for me, and I think you’ll make a lot of use of it as you play.

I am probably going to do a grand list of overall “best cards” in the early stages of the game here, pool 1, for your reference, and Onslaught and Iron Man will certainly both make that list.

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