The leak of Crazy Thunderbolts points towards a major Marvel antagonist

As we wait, The Kang Dynasty And Secret Wars, we’ll get an exciting MCU crossover featuring anti-heroes in less than two years. This is the Thunderbolts As the end of Phase 5, they will be coming to an abrupt halt on July 26, 2024. We have a large window of opportunity. Thunderbolts There have been leaks and rumors that a major MCU antagonist will be in the film.

Marvel has introduced some of the characters already. Thunderbolts cast. However, there are still surprises. We also expect a new character to appear. Captain America: New World Order. This exciting Marvel villain, if this plot leak is correct, will be finally appearing in the MCU. What follows isn’t for you if you don’t want to see any MCU leaks or spoilers.

We still don’t know who the Thunderbolts will fight in the movie, although a recent leak said they’ll face The Sentry.

Reports also claimed that plot revisions will be done, which could mean things are still in flux. Recent reports claim that Marvel is trying to enhance the MCU’s quality after considering all Phase 4 critique. Marvel movies are not immune to rewrites. These happen both during principal shoots and long after. Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness The best example is this.

Rumours also suggest that Red Hulk (Harrison Ford), will be appearing in the movie. ThunderboltsA claim that is logical. This character has been associated with Thunderbolts no matter what rewrites. And Thunderbolt Ross should be in the movie in some capacity, especially if he’s the US President, as other reports claim.

Thunderbolts is coming to the MCU in Phase 5.
Thunderbolts will be coming to Phase 5 of the MCU. Source: Marvel Studios

Neu Thunderbolts Rumor: Doctor Doom is coming to town in large numbers

Marvel Fans will love this new movie, keeping that in mind Thunderbolts There is an unsubstantiated rumor that Doctor Doom will appear in Thunderbolts. It is a questionable rumor since it’s coming from 4chan. That’s where many MCU leaks have originated from, and some can always turn out to be accurate.

It Thunderbolts Rumors spread quickly Reddit Soon enough as you can see below.

Doctor Doom is here ThunderboltsIt was not an insignificant role or credit cameo. He’s in a movie in a featured role as the leader of Latveria, which is [where] The film’s climax will be reached.

He’s not the villain of the film or even a villain at all. He’s presented more like T’Challa in Civil War More important than all other things. The fallout of the summit is however, Thunderbolts Red Hulk’s actions will result in him being thrust into MCU leadership.

You could do this for anyone. Thunderbolts Rumors are circulating and this would make perfect sense. Marvel is expected to bring Doctor Doom to the MCU at some future date, just in time for the Fantastic Four.

Even more fun is meeting Doctor Doom in his final moments before becoming an antihero and a complete villain. It’s a film like Thunderbolts Could certainly do that.

But we can’t confirm any of these claims at this time. We haven’t seen other Thunderbolts Rumours mention Doctor Doom. Separately, we’ll remind you that we expected to see Doctor Doom in Wakanda Forever It was only recently. This has not happened.

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