The ‘Marvel Snap’ Pool 2 Move Deck, And How To Counter It

Marvel Snap has a number of popular meta decks, including many in pool 2, where most casual players may find themselves before getting into the full range of cards higher up. There are Destroy decks, Discard decks, Zoo decks, but one seems more popular than the others, a Move deck, based on cards hopping around the board.

I’ll break down the basics of what this deck looks like, how to use it, and most importantly, how to counter it:

Move Deck:

  • 1 – Iron Fist – Pops your next drop over, so it synergizes directly with Multiple Man and Vulture
  • 1 – Nightcrawler – Can move any time, once, and looks great in a suit of Hulkbuster armor
  • 2 – Kraven – Gets buffed as you move cards to its location, and this applies to enemy cards as well
  • 2 – Multiple Man – A core staple of the deck, leaves a copy of himself behind when he moves, and Hulkbuster gives him 7 power wherever he goes.
  • 2 – Cloak – Lets you move anything to this space in a turn, triggering all move effects
  • 3 – Doctor Strange – Pulls your highest power card over, can create more Multiple Men or a more powerful Vulture
  • 3 – Vulture – Stacks up big when he moves around to become one of your most powerful cards
  • 3 – Hulkbuster – Put him on things that move
  • 4 – Shang Chi – Just a bit of counterplay for Devil Dinosaurs and such
  • 5 – Hobgoblin – These five drops are really just personal preference. Vision is the one move-based pool 2 five drop but I don’t think he’s as good as many others
  • 5 – Leech – God Leech is so annoying. I love him
  • 6 – Heimdall – Your final play to make everything move over one, gaining more move-based buffs. Just make sure you know where things are going and you’re doing the math right of how much power you’ll have when you get there. He can be a little disorienting.

How to Counter Move Decks:

If you find yourself going up against these all the time, you may want to consider the following cards to help you deal with them:

  • Professor X – Far and away your best tool to dealing with move decks. Locks down a lane and in the middle, he’s especially annoying. Problem is you have to wait until turn 5 to play him.
  • Storm – Can really screw up move deck timing by forcing them to scramble to get to that land before it closes. Use her on the right location given how move functionality normally works, as many only will move left.
  • Cosmo – This dog leaves your opponent unable to use “on reveal” effects, which will neuter at least some amount of cards in their deck.
  • Yondu/Korg/Iceman – This is just basic deck disruption, but you may kill a key card for them or make them miss a full draw on a turn.
  • Kingpin (Pool 3) – Yeah yeah, he’s pool 3, but once you land him, any card that moves to his location on turn 6 will die.
  • Abandon Left Lane – This is not a card, it’s a strategy. Again, most movement things will send cards to the left, so you want to focus on trying to win the right and middle lanes for the most part, as you will probably end the game with a bunch of powerful cards mainly stacked up on the left.

Hope this helped!

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