‘they act like they’re in college’

Avatar director disses Marvel, DC: they act like theyre in college
‘Avatar’ director disses Marvel, DC: ‘they act like they’re in college’

Avatar filmmaker James Cameron called out Marvel and DC characters to grow up as they “act like they’re in college.”

During an interview with The New York Times, Titanic filmmaker said, “When I look at these big, spectacular films — I’m looking at you, Marvel and DC — it doesn’t matter how old the characters are, they all act like they’re in college,” Cameron said. 

The producer further added, “They have relationships, but they really don’t. They never hang up their spurs because of their kids. The things that really ground us and give us power, love, and a purpose? Those characters don’t experience it, and I think that’s not the way to make movies.”

Cameron is one of many dissing Marvel movies. Many critically-acclaimed filmmakers dissed superhero movies.

Martin Scorsese said the films were more like theme parks than cinema. At the same time, Francis Ford Coppola called the Marvel Cinematic Universe “one prototype movie that is made over and over and over and over and over again to look different.”

Sicario director Denis Villeneuve has also given his opinion, saying the films are “nothing more than a ‘cut and paste’ of others,” while adding that they have “turned us into zombies.”

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