Varisu box office collections; Vijay starrer has a Sensational Tuesday, Scores another 20 crores plus day in India

Varisu ended the holiday period on a high with a sensational Tuesday at the Indian box office. The film recorded its fourth back-to-back Rs. 20 crores plus day at the Indian box office, with a very strong hold in Tamil Nadu and Telugu states. The seven days box office collections of the film in India stand at Rs. 145 crores approx.

In Tamil Nadu, the film barely dropped from Monday despite the ‘day after Pongal’ being typically the biggest day of the holiday period. This can be attributed to the fact that film was facing capacity constraints at most centres and when that capacity was hit, the demand moved to the next day. The film collected Rs. 15 crores approx in Tamil Nadu yesterday, which puts the seven-day number to Rs. 95 crores in the state. The seven days collections are similar to the other recent Vijay starrer, all of them collecting around Rs. 100 crores, despite facing a massive clash.

The way the film has performed in the last four days, carrying a very strong momentum, it should emerge biggest grosser for Vijay in Tamil Nadu. That will, however, depend on how the film performs after the holiday period. Even though today is a working day, there will be some holiday leftover boost in some areas. The film has a very strong spillover demand as well. This is expected to continue tomorrow as well and the real test will be where the second Friday land. 

The box office collections of Varisu at the Indian box office are as follows:

Wednesday – Rs. 29.75 crores

Thursday – Rs. 12 crores

Friday – Rs. 12 crores

Saturday – Rs. 22.75 crores

Sunday – Rs. 25 crores

Monday – Rs. 22.50 crores

Tuesday – Rs. 20.50 crores

Total – Rs. 144.50 crores

The film continues to perform strongly in the Telugu states. Coastal Andhra, where Sankranti is an extended holiday period remained flat from Monday yesterday while Telangana and Ceeded districts also held very well. The film has grossed Rs. 18 crores plus in Telugu states so far and should comfortably become Vijay’s biggest grosser there.

Karnataka and Kerala also held well, depending on how they perform in the second week, the final number could be a pretty good sum. After the first three days, these two looked like massive underperformers, but the last three days had a good turnaround. 

The territorial breakdown for the box office collections of Varisu in India is as follows:

Tamil Nadu – Rs. 95 crores

Karnataka – Rs. 11.25 crores

Kerala – Rs. 11.25 crores

AP/TS – Rs. 18.25 crores

Rest of India – Rs. 8.75 crores

Total – Rs. 144.50 crores

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