Vineet Kumar Singh says box office is valued more than one’s talent: ‘Aajkal kaam ke baare mein kam baat hoti hai’


Actor Vineet Kumar Singh made a mark in the movies when he appeared in 2017’s Mukkabaaz but despite the critical acclaim, Vineet’s success did not translate into many film offers. In a recent chat, Vineet said that he had expected his fortune to change after the Anurag Kashyap directorial but it did not happen because the industry is driven more by box office numbers than good performances.

In an interview on Unfiltered by Samdish, the actor said that more than one’s surname, or their performance, it is their box office record that matters. “These days people talk less about work. They talk more about first day collection, second day collection and weekend collection.” When asked about the reason behind this, Vineet said, “It’s not about any surname or criteria. Irrfan (Khan)’s one film did Rs 100 crore business, I am sure even he wanted (to do big films).”

The actor then gave the example of the Hollywood film Joker and said, “If you try and conceive a film which has a canvas like Joker, it would require a good budget. Right? Will you make a film like this with Manoj bhai (Manoj Bajpayee)? Will the market give you that budget? It won’t and I am going through that.”

Vineet candidly said that one’s last film has to have a certain box office collection so the makers can invest in the next one. Vineet said, “The demand is that people will invest in your film when your film has got a good collection at the box office. People don’t bet their money on you because you are a good artist. An actor fails in front of the calculations of the box office and I have understood this very well now.”

He added, “Had Mukkabaaz done supposedly Rs 50 crore, then may by now I would have also done 5-7 big films. I would have been able to explore myself better. A good director will not fight the financial battle with me. He won’t say that, ‘Vineet is a good actor but the market is not giving me Rs 15 crore.”

Vineet was last seen in Manish Mundra’s Siya.

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