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Original title: Which movie do you most want to see when Zhengzhou theaters open in an orderly manner?

Which movie do you most want to watch when Zhengzhou theaters open in an orderly manner?

Henan Daily client reporter Hu Chunna

On December 8, the reporter learned from Oscar Cinemas that theaters in the province are opening in an orderly manner, and the release dates of many films have been announced.

The sci-fi brain-burning blockbuster “2067” has been released on December 2, the much-anticipated “Avatar: The Way of Water” will be released on December 16, and the suspenseful movie “Prosperity is Coming” starring Wu Zhenyu and Ren Suxi will be released on December 23. It landed in theaters nationwide. “The Journey Backwards”, “Operation Anti-Crime”, “Above the Cliff” and the 4K restored classic film “The Spring of the Cow Herding Class” are also being screened, and viewers who like it can continue to watch.

Although the box office of domestic theaters is affected to a certain extent by the epidemic, the newly released “Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween” has a box office of over 140 million yuan so far; Since then, the popularity has remained high, and the current box office has exceeded 80 million yuan. According to data from the Maoyan and Beacon platforms, theaters across the country and in the province have resumed business one after another, and the box office is gradually picking up. The film market is expected to pick up.

According to the relevant national requirements and the announcement of Zhengzhou’s epidemic prevention and control measures, you can no longer check the negative nucleic acid test certificate when entering the theater. While the major theaters have resumed business one after another, they are actively doing a good job of disinfecting, and movie fans can watch movies in an orderly manner under the premise of personal protection.

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